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Best rep range for mass in legs, assisted pull up muscles worked - Test Out

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Because you are building your strength and power with the low reps, you will be able to use more weight when training in the six-to-10 range. What I suggest for your leg workout is to pick two mass-building exercises — compound movements on which you can use a lot of resistance. FOUAD ABIAD: “The most important change in my career came in 2010, when I decided that lifting really heavy for legs was mostly for my ego. Instead of lifting heavy for sets of 6–8 reps like I did for the first 10 years of my career, I decided 15–20 reps was the way to go.
Training Tip #2: Abiad performs fewer reps on hack squats, since he’s near the end of his workout and his legs are exhausted from the high-rep leg curls, squats and leg presses. The more weight you can use for the growth reps — six to 10 — the more muscle you will build.
Remember, the more weight you can use for the growth sets, the more muscle mass you will build — progressive resistance.

The increased strength from going heavier with three to five reps will make you stronger when you switch to training with six to 10, a repetition range that is better at making the muscles bigger.answer to getting bigger. Using a resistance that limits you to six to 10 reps will make the muscle fibres themselves thicker. If you look at some of the best powerlifters, many of them don’t look as big as bodybuilders even though they are much stronger.
That said, you bring up a great point about building size by doing reps in the two-to-five range. I perform each cycle for six weeks so I have enough time to focus on building strength before trying to build mass. Now, I mix the two training philosophies. On leg presses, I go as heavy as I can for 20 reps, and on hack squats, I go as heavy as I can for 10–12.
Doing a moderate number of repetitions like that will also enhance blood flow to the muscles to create a good muscle pump.

My legs measure 26 inches (66 cm), which isn’t bad, but I would like them to be a strong point for me. I got really good results from the program, and I still love it, but I hit a point where my results weren’t coming very fast, and I started looking for one that was focused on gaining muscle.
In the beginning my legs were small but could endure a lot, thanks to my cross-country background.

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