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Well, right here and right now we are going to show you the best times to take amino acids and how they can enhance your performance, recovery, and achieve your goals! It’s a fact that there are a select few amino acid supplements that are superior to all others (we will cover them at the bottom). Bodybuilders and general weight trainers take amino acids for instant muscle recovery and repair. These specialized amino acid supplements for bodybuilders can be summarized as intra-workout supplements.
The benefits of taking intra-workout amino acid supplements is instant recovery which ultimately runs up the cause and reaction ladder resulting in greater muscle growth and strength increase.
You don’t have to be a bodybuilder throwing around hundred pound weights to receive benefits of taking amino acid supplements. Indeed- taking amino acid supplements as a runner can increase endurance and recovery by providing the necessary building blocks for repairing damaged muscles. However, there are specific, specialized amino acid supplements which will deliver better results to runners in particular as opposed to everyone else and their brother whom benefit from amino acids in alternative activities. Amino acid supplements for runners are best served pure, with simple additions such as electrolytes and b-vitamins. The best time to take amino acids as a runner is both before and after exercise in particular, however a lot of runners also dilute a light amino acid blend to drink while they run.
You can view all the best amino acid supplements designed for runners at our premier running supplements and apparel page (coming soon)! By now, we have answered the benefits of taking amino acids and when the best time to take them is; specific to your activities and goals. Welcome to Best Workout Supplements BlogThroughout this site you will find countless direct supplement reviews, supplement rankings, bodybuilding, and diet related articles. Workout Supplement ReviewsWe write truthfully, but request that you follow your own due-diligence when making supplement decisions based upon your current status. A balanced diet of natural foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, is the one thing every runner needs nutritionally to establish a foundation for health and performance. Creatine is typically thought of as a nutritional supplement for strength and power athletes, and for good reason.
Some runners fear that creatine supplementation will cause them to gain substantial muscle weight, but this won’t happen if you’re running a lot, due to a phenomenon known as the interference effect.
When you decide you want to get better at running, do the little things that help you feel better (and of course run faster), it won’t be long before you hear about the importance of protein for recovery. The key to recovering quickly and staying healthy as a runner is matching your protein intake to the mileage you are running.
Because low protein intake is a common issue in beginner runners, you might want to consider making a diet change to ensure you are consuming enough protein. Since there are many protein powder supplements on the market and each type of protein serves a different function in the body (i.e.
I am going to detail the four basic types of protein and when you should use them, to take the guess work out of this, and give you my personal recommendations for which products to use.

Runners who are not sensitive to lactose, are not vegans, and who want a protein supplement that is easy to find and tastes good.
If you do choose soy as your protein supplement of choice, make sure the label specifically states that it is a non-GMO soy protein. Rice protein is also very easy to digest and a good solution for runners with sever food allergies or who are lactose intolerant.
They are the best choice if you are vegetarian, vegan and you don’t suffer from food allergies. Vegetarian or vegan runners who are looking for a complete source of protein to supplement their whole-food protein intake.
Now that you have a better idea of which kind of protein powder is best for you, take a look at these easy recipes you can include in your daily diet.
This amazing email course will teach you how to avoid the most common training mistakes, become a stronger more efficient runner, and target the right workouts to help you run faster! They’ve designed N0 for the person who doesn’t want to take in Creatine, or any extra calories because of their pre-workout supplement.
As for health risks, I think the main thing that you would want to watch out for is that your heart rate isn’t way above what it would normally be at for that length of run.
The last thing I will say though, just as you have been doing, slowly work your way up to longer runs and gauge how you feel before taking it for your marathon. But, depending on your physical activity and rate of cardio, there are different amino acid supplements that will suit you best. In addition, there are great amino acid supplements specialized just for a bodybuilders needs. What that means- you take these supplements during your workout, while you lift, in order to get the maximum results.
But, more-so- amino acid supplementation as a runner can promote fat loss by the preservation of your lean muscle, which, without proper supplementation is recycled to desperately try to fill the cracks that amino acids fill.
Anything beyond that can have negative effects on the runner and their performance; nobody wants that! Here we have sorted through all of the hype and fluff to get straight to the chase in regards to the best running supplies.
In addition, we have discussed the best formulation of amino acids for you in consideration of your activity. But, the following seven supplements are worth considering as tools to round out a balanced diet of natural foods. A mountain of research has shown that creatine supplementation increases muscle stores of creatine phosphate—a source of energy for maximum-intensity efforts—and enhances the gains in strength and power that result from strength and power training.
While protein bars are easy, they also contain lots of sugars and artificial ingredients you don’t need as a runner. It is a great source of amino acids and one of the best options for vegetarian or vegan athletes. However, if you find a non-GMO based soy, it’s a great option for vegan or vegetarian runners.

These are based on the article I wrote concerning which ingredients a runner should be looking for in a pre-workout supplement. Check out this article: Pre-Workout Supplements For Runners Info I have included 3 different sections, and 3 supplements in each- to help make your choice a bit easier.
It didn’t fair quite as well in my rating system mainly because of the lack of Creatine for additional stength boosting. The reason being, you just’ll just want to watch out for a crash from the caffeine after a couple of hours worth of running. I've been working out for over 10 years and have been researching and testing supplements the entire time.
These enhanced amino acid supplements contain additions to the standard amino mix such as added carbs, vitamins, minerals, and more. Also, creatine supplementation is proven to boost performance in interval workouts, which are another small but important part of a distance runner’s training. In addition to studying sports nutrition, Abby hones her skills by competing in Ironmans and marathons - most recently qualifying for the Boston Marathon. She likes to stay as lean as possible, and watches her calories pretty closely, so N0 Extreme makes this easy for her. Along the Beta Alanine that’s in there for endurance and strength, they’ve thrown in BCAA’s, Carnitine, B Vitamins, and an electrolyte blend for hydration.
But Opus does make up for some of this in the Value category, being priced very reasonably compared to some of the others. Whey is digested very quickly and delivered to muscles very quickly, which makes it ideal for post run recovery. It uses a combination of BCAA’s, Glutamine, and Citrulline to help boost your endurance and recovery, but it does lack a bit in terms of electrolyte replenishment.
Looking at the ingredients, for energy and focus they use a combination of Caffeine, and Methyltyramine. A fav for friends of mine who like to take their Creatine seperate from their pre-workout, the Strawberry Kiwi flavor comes most recommended. And for weight lifters, its good because they’ve kept the Creatine and Beta Alanine in it to help boost your strength. It still offers a good deal of extra endurance and a sped up recovery from the beta alanine, BCAA’s, L-Citrulline, and the electrolyte blend as well.
You’ll also feel improved endurance with the help of the B-Vitamins, Citrulline, and Glutamine, which leads to a better recovery time too.

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