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Best pump up music for running, fatburners - Reviews

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For starters, the study found that music helped activate the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain responsible for decision-making and emotions. This not only helped boost the runners' moods beforehand, thereby psyching them up for the race, but it may have also contributed to the faster times.
Studies show that listening to music selected for its fast tempo, between 120-140 beats per minute, helps most people keep their heart rate elevated to a corresponding level, ideal for burning fat. The results speak for themselves: when listening to the slower versions, performance suffered and participants reported enjoying themselves, and the music, less.

Choose songs you like already, especially those you associate with positive energy or get you pumped up. Pay attention to lyrics: Try to select songs that speak to your personal motivation, whether it’s getting ready for the beach with some summery tunes, or preparing for a race with the theme from Rocky. For a steady supply of even more up-to-the-minute suggestions, Run Hundred has you covered.
Professional athletes choose entrance music to get them psyched to compete and you should do it, too.

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