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I believe, from the vast selection of supplements on the market today there aren’t many I’d consider to be the best muscle supplements. Personally, I’ve been foolishly convinced too many times to part with my money on some “nano-fusion-hydroxo muscle enhancing” muscle building supplements that I have grown very sceptical on what I spend my money on. While saying this I do believe there are some muscle gain supplements that can help you to build muscle, However, like I’ve said before these are just supplements and supplements should never take the place of a good diet and a ferocious intensity in the weight room.
These days it seems everyone is a bit strapped for cash and as a result luxury goods are usually dismissed in place of basic day-to-day necessities.
As we all know there are literally hundreds of supplements on the markets today from creatine to nitric oxide and from testosterone boosters to zma.
Protein supplements can be a great addition to your muscle building diet as it is excellent means of getting vital nutrients into your body whether it be prepost work out routines, first thing in the morning, last thing before bed or even during the day as a meal replacement. These days, there is a vast selection of protein supplements available on our shop shelves.
For those new to protein supplements, the notion of walking in to your local supplement store and attempting to chose a product to suit your needs can seem daunting. Don’t worry though, hopefully by the end of this article you will have a sound knowledge of protein supplements from whey protein isolates to meal replacement shakes!
The information regarding the effectiveness of the product is sourced from the Nutritional information and ingredients label which all supplements have.
You should not be impressed by the label and the many false claims often made by supplement companies. Overall you should look for a product with everything in it whether your trying to gain weight and muscle or lose fat and build muscle. If your trying to add weight and gain muscle mass you should aim for 500-900 calories as a post work out and meal replacement shake.
For both goals I would recommend a Low Calorie Whey isolate first thing in the morning to prevent your muscle cell breaking down (catabolism) due to the long fast when you sleep. Also, 3-5 whole eggs or casein protein before bed to prevent muscle breakdown also know as catabolism. It is for this reason that this product is suitable before bed as it releases protein slowly into the night which prevents muscle breakdown.
Creatine is an excellent muscle enhancing supplements for seeking out that extra 5-10% in strength and speed. There are many types of creatine available such as creatine mono hydrate  creatine ethyl ester, micronized creatine etc.
ZMA (Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) is one of the strength supplements often used by bodybuilders and athletes. The proportion of ingredients generally used in products is 20-30 mg Zinc, 400-500 mg Magnesium and 10mg B6. However, a lack of vitamin B6 in the body can result in ineffective processing of the amino acids from protein. Magnesium is necessary for the formation and functioning of healthy bones, teeth, muscles, and nerves. ZMA should be taken before bed on an empty stomach and not be taken with calcium (cheese,milk,etc.), as calcium is known to block the absorption of zinc. Specifically, Brilla reported that “a group of competitive NCAA football players who took ZMA nightly during an eight-week spring training program had approximately 250% greater muscle strength gains than a placebo group”. Someone with the aim of building muscle mass can benefit by taking 10 grams of L-glutamine before bed to prevent catabolism that often occurs during the long hours we fast from sleeping.
The Glutamine Benefits to gain muscle mass but can often be essential for maintaining good health.

Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the skeletal muscles making up approximately two thirds of all the free-form amino acids.
The function of primary importance for those undergoing a fitness regime, particularly those doing weightlifting routines, is that glutamine deters muscle catabolism (breaking down of the muscles) as it increases protein synthesis.
Catabolism (A muscle builders biggest enemy!) can happen if the body is not producing or consuming enough protein and L-glutamine from foods. People focused around building lean muscle mass can benefit by taking ten grams of L glutamine powder before bed to prevent catabolism that often occurs during the long hours we fast from sleeping.
There are no side effects associated with L-glutamine, because it is a nutrient naturally occurring in the body.
Over depletion of the muscle cells which -require specific vitamins to facilitate their actions- can effect the biochemical reactions of cells for proper metabolism and growth of muscles.
It’s not hard to to see why it is so difficult to establish what daily vitamin supplements we require.
Unfortunately, none of these questions posed will ever be 100% correct as it’s almost impossible to establish how much vitamins and minerals you require for you body on a daily basis due to the vast amount of variables to consider. For example, the amount of vitamins and minerals utilize by your body which is unique to you doing whatever it is you do day-to-day. Over depletion of the muscle cells which -require specific vitamins to facilitate their actions- can effect the biochemical reactions of cells for proper metabolism and growth. 1 – Thiamine – required for protein metabolism, growth and formation of haemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body.
Every time you do a couple sets of curls and you feel that expanding feeling in your bicep, it means that nitric oxide was released into the smooth muscle, causing an extra surge in blood to your muscles.
However, when I bought my first few tubs of protein I inquisitively began checking out other supplements online until I eventually stumbled upon a popular Nitric Oxide supplement with a well known man by the name of Ronnie Coleman on the cover. I understood that 20lbs increase in bench press was significant and that 5lbs of muscle mass is a great gain. This gas settles into the underlying smooth muscle cells causing them to relax which allows a surge of blood to pass through more easily.This gas is called nitric oxide. You see, every time you do a couple sets of curls and you feel that expanding feeling in your bicep, it means that nitric oxide was released into the smooth muscle, causing an extra surge in blood to your muscles. However, once you finish your workout, your muscles slowly lose the blood that it accumulated during the workout and it slowly goes back to normal. If you’ve ever flicked through a health and fitness magazine nearly every second page has someone promoting some type of supplement. Personally, as someone who appreciates good marketing, I find these adverts to be extremely convincing which is what marketing is all about, to persuade you target market that this is what you actually want and need because if you buy it you’ll look like this person with the perfect size zero body or with this beautiful, wavy flowing hair. In actual fact the leading fat loss supplement on the market today claims that you will lose 10% more body fat than what you would if you didn’t use this particular fat.
So, in a group which may have 200 people the range of extra fat loss could have been from 2% to 10% so they obviously quoted the 10% figure even when the average might have been 4% extra fat loss. What’s more is that this leading fat burner (which will remain nameless but is manufacture by one of leading supplement manufactures) cost $50 for one month’s supply!
On top of this, the principal behind this particular fat burner is to just increase your heart rate thus getting your body to work harder which in turn results in a few more calories burnt per day.
The take home message from this is to not get caught up in over-priced and over-hyped super supplements. Your opinion is very important to us we would love to know your thoughts and experience with supplements of any kind, are your experiences good or bad, do you have any tips you could share with all our readers. Sharing good articles on your social networks helps the right people find our articles and they will thank you for it please share any of our articles that inspire you.

In general, supplements are just hyped to the n-th degree by money crazed supplement companies.
While they all sounds great and beneficial unfortunately most people don’t have the money to fork out 200+ bucks on supplements each month. These are a whey protein which I take 3 times a day, a multivitamin and fish oils which I take before bed.
I would agree with throwing in the odd tub of creatine mono hydrate and dextrose but that is as far as I would go simply because the improvements aren’t that dramatic from taking most other supplements! This is where protein can help alleviate these problems by acting as a meal replacement shake, a post work shake and even a night cap to help retain muscle through the night when your body is starving!
The majority with varying goals in mind such as, gain weight and muscle, Fat loss and muscle gain, Power and Speed improvers, Strength gainers etc. We have all seen the “gain 20 lbs of muscle mass in week!” labels which unfortunately are untrue. The whey is filtered to an isolate, but the peptides that are in concentrates remain in tact.
It’s a tried and tested product that has been scientifically proven to increase ATP (the primary energy source the muscles of the body use for explosive power) availability so that you can perform more reps and sets and lift more weight, as a result gain muscle mass. This study suggested that muscle endurance, or total work capacity, declines rapidly with acute zinc depletion.
It converts food into energy, builds proteins, and is instrumental in maintaining adequate levels of calcium in the blood. Oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food, but red meat and poultry provide the majority of zinc in the average diet. He reported that ZMA significantly increase free testosterone levels and muscle strength in NCAA football players.
ZMA taken 30 minutes before bed can make you fall asleep deeper and then sleep more deeply.
Frequently, even a Varied, healthy diet plan cannot replenished lost vitamins, minerals, essential fats and so forth from arduous muscle building routines. Be sure to check the ingredients and consult with the sales clerk to ensure that it contains only glutamine.
I wasn’t much into supplements at the time because quite simply I didn’t have a clue about them! However, we are concerned whether these are just over hyped super supplements or if things that actually work for our benefit. This is the leading fat burner on the market that claims this and 10% is probably the highest percentage of extra fat loss they have come across in the group they tested it in before they decided to retail the product.
Also include 2-3 liters of water per day and sugar free chewing gum as both of these act as potent appetite suppressants! I know it sounds boring but just get a great diet with low fat foods (or Foods that Build Muscle if you’re trying to build muscle) and exercise for 30 minutes every day and you’re guaranteed to see dramatic results as oppose to using the best weight loss supplement!
I mean I wish it were YES, I really do, but from my experience of using fat burners they actually do very little.

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