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Best lats exercises for mass, weights before cardio or vice versa - Plans Download

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Last month, you launched 2012 with “New Year: New Mass” Part 1, the first half of a 12-week program for packing on insane amounts of muscle.
Although I love compound movements, some isolation exercises are also great for adding size. For hamstrings, notice that you start with a basic compound movement and then move on to two isolation exercises.
With the exception of the lat pulldowns, this workout consists of rowing exercises for thickness, which I’ve noticed are common necessity for novice bodybuilders. And in Part 2, leading industry trainer and nutritionist Neil Hill returns for the final six weeks of blistering workouts and bonus tips to keep you growing.
When you reach the point where you can do only one more rep, rest for two to four seconds with the weights in the locked-out position and then do more reps. Driving blood into your muscles provides much-needed nutrients and oxygen for optimal growth.

Training to please others, or just doing what everyone else is doing, is not a good formula for success—and that goes for anything in life. You won’t be able to use as much weight, but the tradeoff in preceding a compound movement with isolation exercises is that the muscles will be worked that much harder, even if you are using a lighter weight.
Your legs are the largest and most powerful muscles in your body and can handle a great deal of stress for prolonged periods of time. You don’t get more basic than that, and this movement will pack mass onto your entire back as well as the hamstrings and glutes. The wide grip will hit the upper lats and mid-back for width, while the close grip stresses the lower lats for that full, hanging-to-the-floor look you need, especially in twisting back shots.
There is no other movement that will add muscle to your side deltoids for that capped look.
Never forget that you’re in the gym to induce growth and improve, not beat your training partner by using sloppy form.

A bad set is a missed opportunity for growth, so prime your mind and body to make every single rep count. To make it even more extreme, I’ve made them front squats, which takes the majority of the load off the glutes and hamstrings to make this more of a quad-centric exercise. The same goes for machines; I use both free weights and machines to hit the muscles from multiple angles.

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