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Best food after workout build muscle, preacher curls hurt forearms - Reviews

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Contains a high source of casein – slowest digesting protein you can eat, allowing for extended muscle recovery from training. A post-workout shake added with carbs such as oats will jump-start the recovery process and maximise the results after a training session.
Packed with protein, creatine, heme iron, carnosine, vitamins and minerals which are all key for superior muscle growth and recovery.
The high potassium content helps replenish the electrolytes that are lost through intense workouts. Provide a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, monounsatured fats which makes them a perfect muscle building fruit.

This nutrient rich leafy green packs a great source of L-glutamine, the most abundant amino acid that is essential for muscle growth. Fruits have enzymes that help break down nutrients within the body that help the muscle recovery process.
In terms of building muscle, potassium plays a crucial part in the muscular contraction process. Your body’s glycogen levels drop after a workout so replenishing them with complex carbs is vitally important. Bananas are primarily carbs, the high Glyceamic index (GI) rapidly replenishes muscle fuel stores (glycogen).Consume straight after your workouts.

Nuts are nutritionally dense so are a must for those that are struggling to gain muscle mass without adding weight to the waistline.

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