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Best exercise for triceps with dumbbells, how to get abs in a day at home - Plans Download

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The triceps is made up of three parts, hence the “tri”—apologies if this insults your intelligence.
HOW IT WORKSOur program targets the lateral and medial heads with exercises you’re probably unfamiliar with.
While huge biceps are what every guy guns for, most of us tend to overlook working our triceps.
Lie with only your head, neck, and shoulder blades in contact with a ball — your lower back should be off of it.
Overhead Triceps ExtensionStart: Grab the end of a moderately heavy dumbbell with both hands, and sit at the end of a bench.
This is basically the same as the standard overhead triceps extension, except that the ball requires you to balance, making the exercise more challenging. Unilateral Overhead Triceps Extension with LeanStart: Grab one light dumbbell in your non-dominant hand with an overhand grip, and sit sideways on a bench.
Unilateral Triceps KickbackStart: Grab a light dumbbell in your non-dominant hand and place your opposite hand and knee on a bench.
Close-Grip Bench PressStart: Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip, to maximize your triceps workload. FitnessGrow New Muscle With This Unconventional ExerciseFor better results and muscle growth, give your body a new challenge. FitnessHow To Do A Pistol SquatUse this 3-step power plan to build stability and strength, with the king of all lower-body exercises - the pistol squat. FitnessBuild Movie Star Abs At Any AgeThe best way to craft a six-pack is dependent on your vintage. September IssueSubscribe to Men's Health for 1 year (12 print issues) and receive a pair of Fischer Audio Bullet 6mm earphones worth $100!
It’s almost guaranteed that the first time you picked up a dumbbell your instinctual reaction was to curl it. Often you see people just mindlessly curling away for hours on end only to end up with little or no gains. In this article I will break down the various muscles of the upper arm and provide you with the 6 best exercises to really pack on the mass!
The triceps, as the name implies is made up from three heads; the long head, short head and medial head.

In order to train the arms for maximal growth you need to make sure that you are targeting each head of each muscle with a specific set of exercises –  sadly, endless curls are not the secret. Performing this movement using your bodyweight has the benefit of naturally forcing the muscle to lift an incredibly heavy load, therefore the harder the muscle has to work the more muscle fibres are recruited – leading to more growth! Not only do tricep dips target all three heads at once but it is performed with a minimum of bodyweight which is significantly greater than what could be handled through an isolation exercise alone.
Triceps pushdowns performed using a cable machine is a great way to target the lateral and medial heads of the triceps! At full extension of the arms, by turning the wrist away from the body and pulling the ropes apart you can get a great contraction in the triceps.
A reason many people fail to fully develop their triceps is because they don’t know how to properly target the long head of the triceps. The long head gets under stimulated when it acts as an elbow extensor when the shoulder is adducted or extended, therefore the long head needs to be hit with overhead work. Dumbbell overhead extensions can be done single handed one arm at a time or two handed on a single dumbbell. This is one of the tricep exercises that can be performed sat down for more balance or stood up.
This exercise can be done with the elbows pointing outwards, however keeping the elbows pointing straight in front of you will put a much greater emphasis on the triceps and allow for a better stretch.
Made famous by the late Larry Scott who sported 20” arms at only 5’8, this exercise is probably the greatest biceps isolation exercise there is due to the fact that it is almost impossible to cheat the weight up.
This exercise works the long head of the biceps and is responsible for building the peak of the biceps which will create the illusion of the arms appearing much bigger. Performing with correct form is incredibly important – at first you will need to use fairly light-moderate weight as the Preacher curl is not an exercise you can expect to be lifting the heaviest weight with. Can be performed with dumbbells, cable pulley or if you want to use a barbell or EZ curl bar, use a wide grip to emphasise the short head or a narrow grip for more emphasis on the long head.
Once again you will not be able to go super heavy on this exercise because the slow eccentrics will really fry and fatigue your muscles. The brachialis is a muscle in between your bicep and triceps on the outside of your arm – if you flex your arm you might see a little bump appear.
The brachialis actually runs underneath the bicep and by training it and forcing it to grow you will actually push your bicep upwards.

This is a bit of a sneaky way to add some extra size to your arm and therefore it’s crucial that you perform this movement with slow eccentrics as this is what the brachialis responds best to. Traditional curls are done with the palms facing forwards – hammer curls consist of  the palms face inwards towards the torso and remain this way for the entirety of the movement.
This exercise is effective simply because you can use a lot more weight than a standard dumbbell curl which will help to overload the biceps; rhe brachioradialis, a muscle in the forearm, becomes activated during this exercise in addition to the biceps, essentially having two muscles perform the movement. Mix this move up a bit with differentiating between variations: Using a bench for back support, alternating to single arm dumbbell hammer curls if not already been performed, for increased biceps concentration etc. You may or may not have not tried or even heard of these exercises before – either way, I fully recommend performing them each week to take building your arms up to a new level!
Then with your feet shoulder-width apart, push to lift your hips until they’re parallel to the floor and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. With an overhand grip, hold a dumbbell in your non-dominant hand and raise it at arm’s length above your shoulder so your arm and torso are at the same angle.
Grab either side of the rope handles with a normal grip, so that your palms are facing each other – be prepared to exhale during the following movement.
The previous 2 bicep exercises are ones in which you really need to check your ego to get the most out of the movement, however, with hammer curls, you can really push yourself and go as heavy as you possibly can for 8-12 reps.
These are the parts of the muscle that are most visible when you’re wearing a T-shirt and the two you’ll want to focus on for next summer with this workout. The Tate press can also improve your lockout on bench presses, while the underhand kickback provides some extra grip and forearm training.
But working your triceps in tandem with your biceps will lead to toned arms that you can show off in sleeveless tops and singlets. Do standard lying triceps extensions, angling your arms back slightly as you hold the dumbbells overhead, to ensure more work for the long head of your triceps.

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