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Best compound exercises for chest, best exercises to lose weight in stomach - For You

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SPECIAL UPDATE: To help you further refine your workout plan and properly incorporate compound exercises into your program we created the Get Stronger Move Better [GSMB] mini-course and we are giving you free access today. The author writes that focusing on exercises that work a lot of muscles at the same time is the key to exercising efficiently.
Compound exercises utilize multiple joints and usually incorporate multiple, major muscle groups at the same time. For those of you that know me it should come as no surprise that I'm always looking for more efficient ways to do things (BTW this is Chris).
I'm going to give you a list of the best compound exercises you can implement right away into your workouts to see better results.
When workout it’s very important to know how to limit the work of triceps and deltoids in order they don’t steal workout loads intended for chest.
Flat (Horizontal) position – theoretically, this bench position together with middle grip guarantee the load emphasis on your chest while triceps and deltoids are working moderately. When performing presses try to hold your arms crosswise (elbows are close to your ears): it will help you concentrate the workout load on your chest because if you keep your elbows closer to the torso the main load will fall on your triceps. Subclavian muscle is situated between the upper rib and the shoulder blade; it’s responsible for moving the shoulder blade downward. When chest workout doing you need to put emphasis on the most appropriate chest muscles: large and small pectoral ones. Composition of pectoral muscles is unique: different fibers are positioned in different directions – it means that incline chest workout is necessary.
Bench Presses belong to the group of basic bodybuilding compound exercises aimed at building strong and large chest muscles. I think that present bodybuilding tends to overestimate the efficiency of such chest exercise as horizontal Barbell Bench Press; it’s even considered to be the main one for chest workout.
The value of working weights is a question of minor importance while the most important thing is the exercise movement biomechanics. I consider myself a practitioner but not a theoretician; that’s why I won’t name dozens of low-efficient chest exercises.
This is a compound chest exercise for development of strength and general mass of your pectorals.
Grip width variation allows you to put emphasis on particular chest areas: for example, a grip when your hands are a bit wider your shoulder width is used mostly for an emphasis on outer, middle or inner areas of the upper part of your chest. Don’t limit the exercise amplitude when pressing dumbbells: they aren’t a barbell – so, extension in the lowest point is obligatory. Crossovers maximally extend the upper chest part without additional load put on your joints. Possibly you were able to notice that my list of chest exercises doesn’t include any exercises on a flat bench (even such classic exercise as Barbell Bench Presses is not present). Compound setting is truly one of the best and fastest ways to add thickness and mass to your entire body, one part at a time. Compound setting is systematically placing together two or more different exercises together to comprise a set. In the 3 sets of quick and powerful bench presses you should have summoned the type 2 fibers of the middle part of your chest to spring into action. A killer compound setting technique is the pairing of a barbell exercise with an alternating dumbbell exercise.
Mainly, how to get the most bang-for-your-buck when it comes to workout design and exercise selection.

A strategy will take these techniques and exercises and turn them into a comprehensive program that will lead you to goal achievement. Since they are such taxing movements it's probably not the best idea to build a workout program that is made up entirely of compound movements. Then you would choose a section, such as your quads, and decide if there is a good compound movement to attack them with. But I just want to give you a little food for thought about how your workout program is put together and show you that compound exercises belong at the core.
In practice, horizontal chest exercises work in favor of your chest not that good as they are supposed to do.
I really don’t understand why this exercise is so popular: you can open any bodybuilding handbook or a magazine and see that it’s recommended for everyone to press Barbell when lying on a flat bench because this chest exercise is supposedly the best one for chest muscle growth! You use the heaviest weights in this exercise and due to this fact this exercise is very effective for training of pectoral muscles. As well as Barbell Incline Bench Presses, this one develops all muscles of the upper shoulder girdle, though the main load emphasis is put on the upper chest part. The main secret of this exercise lies in renunciation of ‘crosswise’ position of arms that’s obligatory for other chest exercises. Still, for you it’s better to forget about it during the first training year till you gain enough muscle mass. With the single armed flies to doubles you called on the same muscle fibers and also the muscles of the “lower” chest summoning type 1 muscle fibers in holding an isometric chest fly. Taking a dumbbell exercise and pairing it with a bodyweight exercise is also another favorite. Maintain no breaks until all exercises in the compound set are complete, then take a break. Do not choose two exercises that target the same muscle fibers at the same angle unless you are absolutely focusing on a specific area of the chest in which case it is advantageous. What we're talking about is utilizing compound exercises as the foundation for your workouts. These types of exercises will also help you burn a lot of calories and a lot of excess fat because you're using so much muscle to do the movement.
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There will always be those who perform Bench Presses disgustingly: making a barbell jump from the chest and lifting the bottom from the bench (even when being assisted by partners).
Definitely not: Bench Presses is a classic compound exercise that can be very effective for both strength and chest muscle mass development.
Below you’ll find information on three ‘bomb’ chest exercises and one – for muscle shaping that you won’t need during the first training year. It’s actually the most powerful chest exercise and the ‘initial point’ for loading your chest.
Performing this exercise in such movement plane significantly loads the upper chest part (especially in the extended position). It’s recommended to change incline angles regularly and you shouldn’t strive for too heavy weights. The last variant loads to the maximum the most problem chest area – the middle upper part of pectorals near your neck. I mean Close-Grip Barbell Bench Presses and Dips: we are going to discuss these exercises thoroughly when we start talking about arm training.

Super setting is one of the most common ways to achieve this goal, but compound setting will get you there quick fast and in a hurry! Quick and brutal is the way to go simply because you don’t have hours to waste taking abnormally long breaks checking out the “scenery” in the gym or engaging in small talk. Each one of these pairings allow for the training of supporting cast members to help stabilize the workloads through the sets.
Both are compound movements and when done correctly will utilize many muscles in your body other than your legs.
The main function of small pectoral muscles is to drag the shoulder blade forward and downward. For example, nowadays I don’t perform Barbell Bench Presses at all; and I know a lot of other people who don’t like this classic exercise and still have well-developed chest muscles. But if your priority is the size of your muscles the classic variant of Bench Presses when you straighten your arms completely and use horizontal bench is not for you.
All these chest exercises are performed on inclined benches but this doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the same incline angle when performing them. This is a technique that will totally fatigue the muscle using various, exercises, angles and speeds at once. The reason that the load is important is because you want to totally drain the muscles fibers (used in that exercise) by the third set. There should be more tension on your chest muscles that only contract from 180 degrees and fwd. The strategy I want to focus on is using compound exercises at the foundation of your workout program design.
For the chest and triceps, I am going to structure the routine in a way that gets you the most muscle fiber fatigue for your buck. The heavier load choice on the first exercise is key, this is because you should be fresher for the first exercise. Only take weight off if it is absolutely impossible for you to complete the desired amount of reps. You should raise the weights lifted once you conquer 6 - 8 sets of 10 for each of the 6 exercises in the routine below.
Rep speed is key, the best way to tear up a specific muscle group and make them scream is to vary the rep speed in the middle of a compound set. Flying with one arm at a time does 2 things… it drags the set out time-wise and doubles the reps torturing the chest muscles because of the tension maintained for the longer period of time.
That is a high volume routine that will have your chest singing out for mercy half way through the routine. Also choose the exercise that you are better at and can move the most weight at to be the heavier of the two exercises.
Choose a weight that you know that you can get 3 sets of 8 - 10 reps with but not 3 sets of 12 with for the Bench press.

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