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Best cardio dvds, tim howard sits on ball - Try Out

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I spent a good portion of the year sweating it out in my living room, (upsetting my downstairs neighbors) testing the hottest DVDs on the market. There are so many reasons I'm a fan of The Biggest Loser: 6-Week Cardio Crush DVD ($15) — OK, I'll be frank, Bob and Dolvett are two big reasons I love this pick.
Jeanette Jenkins is one of our favorite celebrity trainers, and we've been loving her new DVD Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt ($20, originally $25).

This year, Bollywood-style dance workouts caught on for good reason, and The Doonya Bollywood Workout ($33 for three DVDs) is one of the most fun series I've worked out with to date.
Even if you can't attend class at her Brentwood studio, bring Tracy to your living room in her Tracy Anderson: Dance + Cardio DVD ($15).
Quality instruction keeps you connected to your workout from start to finish, and the two Doonya instructors, Kajal and Priya, serve as the perfect ambassadors for this high-energy cardio craze.

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