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On the flip side, many equate bulking up with stuffing your face with whatever- a carte blanche to for a la carte.
So as you can see, I’m both unimaginative and easy to please (hey, food is fuel first and foremost) and also getting well above my body weight per grams in protein and carbs (around 230 g carbs and 300g protein in this example). Great read Mike, bulking is pretty much my forte considering I’m pretty much in a constant state of it. Once you start gaining weight steadily with a good-quality bulking diet, while simultaneously lifting heavier and heavier weights on a lifting program that features progressive overload, you will begin to add muscle mass. Therefore 3025calories per day is the number of calories we’ll eat on our bulking diet.

I made a mistake in my original calculations and overestimated how many calories the bulking diet should supply.
I am 5 foot 10 and have been 8 stone (112 lb) exact since i was 14, not an ounce above nor an ounce below.
Health nuts cringe at the thought of bulking like this, as do people who have trouble losing fat. It will probably be a little more expensive for those of you on islands or on the coasts, but the fact remains that it is both easy and cheap to eat clean *and* bulk up. If you want, use protein powder during time-critical periods like immediately after a workout, but always remember that good, natural food is the cornerstone of a successful bulking diet.

I’ve been skinny my whole life but have always had fair mass and definition on my chest and arms as well as good strength for my size. Assorted veggies, fruits, cottage cheese, and protein scoop- 3 bucks. 12 bucks total to absolutely, gloriously stuff myself with various kinds of protein and carbs,all of which are usually clean.

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