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Best back routine for mass, ways to build muscle without weights - Test Out

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In order to develop a strong back, it is important to build width and thickness to this muscle. Thickness of the back: In opposition to a wide grip, a close grip will help you get a thick back.
Be careful: This exercise, along with the deadlift is not recommended for people who have back problems. There is no magic formula; you must do the right exercises, execute them with a good form and the hard work will do the rest.

Even the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was constantly hitting his back with basic exercises. Since the back is a big muscle, we will put between 1 minute and 1:30 minutes of rest time after each set.
If you are doing bent over barbell row for example; keep your back straight (almost parallel to the floor) and keep your head up.
In this workout we will use compound movements that are necessary to build your back muscles.

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