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Best ab exercise with medicine ball, building muscle burn fat - For Begninners

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If you want to work your core muscles on a bit different way, then doing medicine ball ab workout can be a great choice. Besides we can increase the effectiveness of the well-know ab exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, etc. I have just purchased a set of med balls, and I use them not just for my abs training, but for full body workouts. This guy shows some more exercises you can do with a medicine ball such as alternative plank, standing movements, mountain climber variation, crunch and sit up alternatives and ones which can be used if you have not got an abdominal wheel yet.

This is another excellent medicine ball ab workout routine to strengthen and tone your entire core. Here is a total body workout which lasts for 30 min with some useful motions you can do with an exercises ball. Since we use weights the muscles work harder, so these moves tone and strengthen your core faster than the ones without it.
Besides the normal movements several standing core exercises are included which help to work your core muscles from different angles and even helps to burn belly fat.

We applied that mentality to classic medicine ball training to give you a workout that’s a bit more functional than what most bodybuilders do, but no less intense or effective. Besides, the medicine ball core strength exercises this routine helps to work the entire upper body.

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