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Bent over row muscles worked, hand and shoulder pain - Test Out

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Stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, grasp the barbell with an overhand grip (i.e. A wider grip will result in more focus on the back muscles, while a narrower grip will result in more focus on the biceps. A more upright lean will target the upper back muscles more, while a more bent-over lean will target the middle back muscles more. The one arm dumbbell row has long been one of the most popular exercises for targeting the muscles of the back, simply because it works and easy to perform by athletes across the experience spectrum.
Like its cousin, the bent over barbell row, the exercise primarily stimulates the large latissimus dorsi muscle of the upper back.
Within the instructions we discuss how to perform the dumbbell row supported on a bench, but it also possible to perform the dumbbell row standing without a bench in a similar fashion to how you would perform a barbell bent over row.

A bent over row performed with an underhand or overhand narrow grip will work the lat muscles.
The lat pulldown works the major muscles in the back, it’s a good exercise to progress up to doing pull ups as it develops strength in the back and arms. Pull ups (also known as chin ups) are a great bodyweight exercise for working the back and arms as well as a tough test to measure muscular fitness and strength. Step 2: Lift the feet clear from the ground, brace the abdominals and back muscles to maintain a straight back. The seated row machine is ideal for beginners to weight training who are looking to develop a strong muscular back. Additional upper back muscles, such as the rear deltoid head (back of the shoulder), rhomboids and teres major are also targeted.

It should be the target muscles which are responsible for bringing the weight up towards the abdomen, not the driving of the hips or the rotation of the torso.
Many athletes also choose to perform a prone dumbbell row on an incline bench, allowing them to work both sides of the body at the same time as the body is supported by the bench. The lats are one of the largest muscles in the back and cover most of the whole lower and mid back area.
Strengthening and stimulating these upper back muscles is not only beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders, but also the general public for improving posture.

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