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With the exception of perhaps the deadlift, the bent-over row is arguably the king of all back exercises.
It’s not often an exercise edges out the bent-over row, but in this case, the bent-over row comes in second. The bent-over row is arguably the best barbell move for the back, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to dispute that. One way to make the bent-over row work in your routine is to use the end of the bench as a means to fix your grip and provide an easy way to end the set. The bent-over row is one of those rare moves in which forced reps and negatives are impossible, since you need a partner for those.
The barbell curl is awesome for adding mass because of the amount of weight you can apply to the small biceps. Like we said on the bent-over row, you’re very strong on this move, so it would be a shame for your hams and glutes to suffer because you don’t have pulling straps.
When it comes to packing mass on to the back of your arms, few exercises can compete with the overhead extension. The bent-over row is as thorough an exercise as you can get for back training, and that’s why you hit it first. Do It Right: Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, grasp a barbell with a wide, overhand grip.

Do it Right: Grasp a fixed overhead bar with a wide overhand grip with your thumbs wrapped around the bar for safety.
Power Pointer: Put a bench underneath you so that you can step up to adjust your pulling straps to the overhead bar or handles. The key to your form on the bent-over row is to exaggerate the arch in your lower back as you bend your knees.
If too much time is spent on barbell moves or machines, you miss out on the benefits dumbbells provide such as stabilizer activity. However, during your bent-over moves, it’s important to keep your knees bent, your chest big, your head neutral and your upper body fixed in the bent-over position.
Basically, during the romanian-style deadlift, you keep your knees bent and your back as straight as possible. With the overhead press, since both hands can move in any direction, you can move your arms out to your sides a bit to hit more of the middle delts. Seen more as a move for strength athletes, the deadlift is unfortunately overlooked by bodybuilders who are looking to pack on serious size. You’ve heard us say it before, but if you’re trying a heavy set of bent-over rows without straps, you’re letting the best chance of adding mass slip right through your fingers (pun intended).
Here’s why: Taking a wide grip on the barbell for curls hits the short, inner head of the biceps more directly by reducing the amount of stress on the long, outer head while increasing the tension on the short.

As opposed to the barbell version of the move, your head gets in the way during the descent of the bar, forcing you to either lean back or use the behind-the-neck version. Stay bent forward at the waist as you would during a romanian deadlift; once the bar is at shin level (and close to your legs) you row the bar to your upper abs keeping your chest up, butt out and back arched.
To keep tension in the pecs at the top, at least for the first few reps, try to press the dumbbells straight up to the ceiling, as if you had a barbell in your hands. Without raising your upper body, pull the barbell up into your midsection, bringing your elbows high and above the level of your back.
By filling the bar with 25s instead, you’ll still overload your back but you gain a great deal of ROM on both the positive and negative portions of the rep. That’ll help strengthen your core and stabilizers, helping you prepare for the standard overhead dumbbell press when situations and circumstances are optimal. As you fatigue, you can begin bringing them together over the face to squeeze the pecs as well as to recover.

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