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Bench press shirt, 6 pack challenge - For Begninners

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Bench shirts were originally brought to the market as a protective device, much like a lifting belt. While the use of bench shirts has been hotly debated on the Internet, it is a fact that the majority of lifters use them. Polyester (poly) shirts were some of the first designs on the market, and are essentially the standard equipment choice of powerlifters from beginners to world record holders. The additional benching power of the poly shirt comes from the stretching of the shirt material and the compression of the lifter's body.
Incidentally, since the poly shirt is meant to be so tight, it can be very difficult to get on. Denim shirts are sewn from one or more layers of denim material (basically the same material as blue jeans), into a shape very similar to a poly shirt. The denim shirt creates its power by twisting and straining the fabric, and by compressing the lifter's body.

Once you have done the research, picked the shirt you want to use, and you are ready to go, be ready to do some real work.
To get a shirt that would help you push the limits of your max bench it needed to be ridiculously tight. The weight came down pretty easy, touched and came back up easy giving me plenty of rebound from the chest plate and support for the tri's all the way to lock out.
And the shirt gives you a lot of room to pull the shirt and sleeves down or (jack the shirt up) and get that much more support when you get to heavier weights. When I went to put the shirt on I was very surprised and pleased that I could put the shirt on by myself with ease. So someone new to benching should be able to put the shirt on and start getting results without months of learning the shirt.
So I am used to a ton of support from a shirt and have been in that shirt for around 5 years now.

I was surprised after I got the shirt on and felt the sleeves were not really tight that I got the tri support you get from shirts that are normally extremely tight. I think it's a great shirt for the experienced lifter pushing big weights or someone just starting out in a shirt looking to get into lifting.
The sleeves and collar both have a unique shape that lets you move the shirt around and get it right where you want it with minimal effort. And you can sit in the shirt between your sets or flights and stay nice and cool and not struggle to stay comfortable. So I know my raw bench is down right now, and I just got 200-225 pounds out of a single ply shirt my second workout in it.

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