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Bench press record by weight class and age, pills to lose belly fat at walmart - For Begninners

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He started training at the age of 12 when he saw his father lifting weights in the garage.'He told me he wanted to be the strongest kid in the world one day,' his father, Chris Schellenschlager, wrote on their website.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Dennis Brochey, supervisor of the Town of Lewiston, is the strongest 60-69 year old, 160-169 pound man in the nation, if the amount of weight a man can lift off his chest with his arms are any indication. PowerliftingWatch includes every sanctioned event from the XPC, IPA, APF, SPF, RPS, USPA, WABDL, and any other combination of initials that organizes refereed competitions for powerlifters you care to name. Equally surprising is that Brochey is ranked 5th in the nation for men up to 15 years younger (50-69 year olds) and, when compared to men up to 25 years younger, (40- 69) Brochey ranked #12.
Perhaps even more impressive, Brochey, who surprised his audience back in February at his Red Brick Power Lifting event with a perfectly executed 292 pound bench press, is now ranked 24th among all powerlifters regardless of age or gender.
However, his joy was slightly marred when he learned that 70 year old Lee Lichtle benched 330 pounds last November besting the younger Brochey by 38 pounds.
On a happier note, Brochey's annual Red Brick powerlifting competition, which he started in 2004, and is held every February, with all proceeds going to military troops and their families, has raised over $110,000 over the years and Brochey has donated every dime of it.

The longtime area resident sets a new standard for his age group and weight class at a sanctioned event in Portland. Jonathon Bailey recently bench-pressed 402.2 pounds to set the Arizona record for his age and weight class.
I come from Denmark and we have many strong powerlifters – but if he is below 200 pounds, he is by far stronger than any danish junior lifter.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. When the weightlifting competition was over, Roger Moore could call himself something he could never before: a world record-holder.
Now the the 21-year-old Afghanistan war vet has his eye on breaking the world record of 507 pounds this November at the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters’ World Bench Press and Dead Lift Championship. The 85-year-old Canby man set a new standard for his age group and weight class by bench-pressing slightly more than 170 pounds March 15 at the Shilo Inns hotel near Portland’s airport. Moore’s mark is now the official world record for 85- to 89-year-old men in the 165-pound weight class.

At a WABDL event last June, he set a state record for the 80-84 age group and 165-pound weight class with a lift of 171.8 pounds. Born in 1928, he took up weightlifting after serving in World War II as a member of the U.S.
He frequently exercises at Club Fit and occasionally participates in sanctioned competitions.
Last year, after setting the state record, Moore considered a trip to Reno, Nev., for the world championships.
Moore benched a world-record weight on his first lift, and he broke his own record on his second lift.

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