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Bench press rack height, muscle and health the rock - .

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The Deltech Olympic Squat Combo Bench is easy to use and adjust, which allows you to get a great workout in a short amount of time. Raised U-Shaped Cross bar allows utility bench to slide further back between uprights for correct incline position.36" Upright Posts. The Titan HD Power Rack offers a number of advantages over the standard rack design, with an increased weight capacity of 1000 lbs, and the option of a dip bar attachment to increase the number of upper body exercises available.
In this review we take a look at more differences between the two designs, as well as the overall design benefits, sample exercises for upper and lower body workouts, and even consider weight distribution, to help you decide if this is the best choice of power rack for your own home workouts. In our experience the benefits of a power rack like the Titan HD far outweigh the negatives, and with a weight capacity of over 1,000 lbs, the value for money aspect certainly adds to the attraction. For many people looking to train with heavy free weights at home, a solid rack is a must have, even if you train with a spotter on every workout. Flat steel feet have been added to each corner of the frame at the base, to help improve stability and prevent any damage to the flooring. Having the feet facing outwards like this also maximises the space you have inside the rack, preventing the risk of catching your feet on anything as you rack and unrack the weight. Another way that Titan Fitness have tried to prevent this is by adding weight plate storage pegs on either side, as far away as possible from the pull up bar. A large number of guide holes have been pre-drilled through the frame supports on either side of the rack to secure the safety rails.

Having the freedom to store the weight plates at various levels also has the benefit of not getting in the way of a fully loaded bar, whether the exercise is squats or the bench press. With a traditional free-standing squat rack, you can adjust the height of two supports, and usually slide a bench between the two uprights to create a stable platform for your overhead presses.
Unless the squat rack offers a second set of bar supports, there will be nothing to catch the bar if it becomes too heavy and you are unable to complete your set. Aside from military presses, there’s plenty of space between the uprights to position an adjustable FID bench, which will allow you to take advantage of flat, incline, and decline bench presses. Isolation cable machines such as a hip adductor, leg extension, and hamstring curl could also be useful, but the Titan HD Power Rack does still support squats, lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises quite comfortably. Each of these hooks can be quickly removed and switched between the wide range of positions drilled into the frame, including to the front of the frame itself if you want to perform a barbell exercise outside of the rack. You’re also losing a cross-brace steel beam that had previously joined the two sides of the rack together at the base.
However, being their heavy duty rack also means that there is an increase in the weight, from 107 lbs for the standard version, up to 230 lbs for the HD rack.
If you were to start doing more free-weight exercises outside the rack, specially designed Spotter Arms are available for the HD Power Rack, adding an extra element of safety and taking the place of the steel rails. Summary : With a price that's only slightly higher than the highly popular PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack, we predict that this is a design that will prove incredibly beneficial to anyone that's looking to increase their strength.

The Titan HD Power Rack addresses this issue well, and offers a similar selection of features, with the safety rods, bar supports, and pull up bar. Overall we feel that in terms of strength, safety, and overall value for money, the Titan HD Power Rack ranks as one of the best designs currently available for home gyms. This can be an issue on cheaper racks and cages, where heavy pull ups on the front of the cage can cause sections to lift off the ground. While their main purpose is to offer convenient weight plate adjustment on a barbell, they also do an excellent job of weighing the frame down and preventing it from moving. Firstly, you may not be able to find a position for the bench that lets you comfortably push the weight off the supports, then complete the required number of reps. The high back, and wide base give you plenty of room to rack the bar safely, without needing to worry about it rolling off the front lip. This was a little more restrictive in that it meant you could only comfortably walk into the rack from one side.

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