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The one rep max calculator below will help you determine the maximum poundage you can complete without necessarily having to do a one rep max lift. One repetition maximum is the maximum weight one can lift on a particular exercise for a single repetition.
Let’s look at our previous example that we calculated above to see if we obtain similar results. If the number of bench presses exceeds 8, the athlete is allowed to rest for ten minutes while the weight is increased. Using the maximum load calculator, the instructor can then calculate the 1 rep max of the athlete.

It is scientifically proven for quite a time now that strength training is beneficial even for old agers.
The problem with bench presses is that number of repetitions that are needed for a specific weight are often unknown to the most of us.
To calculate the figure an exerciser would lift a weight he deems suitable and performs presses. Bench press consists of lifting weights attached to a bar while lying flat on one”s back. A Bench Press calculator calculates the maximum weight per repetition and number of reps with the weight.

Contrary to popular belief strength training does have its own benefit profile, even if one maintains an active lifestyle. After the exercise the amount of weight and number of repetitions are entered into the formula to calculate the optimum numbers.

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