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Bench press form stronglifts, rear delt workouts list - Try Out

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How to Bench Press with proper form: setup on the bench, grab the bar, unrack it, lower it to your mid-chest and press it back up.
How to setup for the Bench Press: sit on the bench, lie down, squeeze your shoulder-blades, grab the bar, set your feet and then unrack. Left: lying too far down the bench, this increases the distance the bar travels when you unrack it.
Assistance exercises and variations of the Bench Press may help you increase your Bench Press. The proper bottom position on the Bench Press: vertical forearms from every angle, straight wrists, bar touches mid-chest.
The paused Bench Press: lower the bar to your chest, pause for 2-3 seconds at the bottom, then press it back up. Use wrist wraps on the Bench Press like you use a powerlifting belt on the Squat and Deadlift. The more consistent your Bench Press setup is, the more consistent your technique will be once you start to Bench Press the weight. Don’t Bench Press bodybuilding-style with your elbows perpendicular to your torso at the bottom. The more you Bench Press, the more Bench Press practice you get and the better your Bench Press form becomes. The weight will instantly be easier to bench because the set is over before you’re tired. The force you generate when you press the bar from your chest can’t go straight into the bar.

World Champion Mike Tuchscherer Bench Presses amost 500lb and also lifts in his home gym without spotter. Benching with a close grip and your elbows outside your wrists is like doing a triceps extension. Get a natural arch in your lower back so I can slide my flat hand between your lower back and the bench.
Lock your butt on the bench by driving your upper-back and glutes into it while you Bench Press the weight. Your chest will deflate like a balloon, you’ll lose tightness and the weight will be harder to Bench Press.
Bench Pressing in the Power Rack is safer because the safety pins catch the bar if you get stuck.
If your elbows are outside your wrists at the bottom, the weight is harder to bench (it’s like doing a triceps extension).
It raises your torso so you can Bench Press with lower safety pins without hitting them on good reps. They Bench Press the same weight week after week, month after month, sometimes year after year. You don’t want too stiff though because that can restrict movement and cause bad form. Bent wrists also make the weight harder to bench because the bar is further from your wrists.
Our elbows and wrists must be inilne because that’s the most effective way to Bench Press.

Press the bar away from your mid-chest over your shoulder joints by flaring your elbows on the way up. Your wrist pain could get worse if you continue to Bench Press with bent wrists, but more weight, thanks to the extra support from the wrist wraps. And it also forces you to hold the bar properly in your hands instead of relying on wrist wrap support to get away with bad form. Your feet can be slightly behind your knees as long as you don’t raise your heels off the floor, your butt off the bench, or overarch. These shiny objects look cool but aren’t that effective for raw Bench Pressers like us. Once done, do the Paused Bench Press separately as assistance work for your regular Bench Press.
The heavier the weight on the bar, the more it will stretch your bent wrists past their normal range of motion. This is what hurts.
If your wrists hurt, fix your form by gripping the bar lower in your hands when you Bench Press. Don’t hesitate to lower your Bench Press weight for a few weeks to get used to the new grip. And the stronger muscles you build by benching heavy will decrease your blood pressure because they put less demand on your heart.

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