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The competitive basketball season may only last 6-7 months but a basketball training program stretches the full year round. Most players forget (or just aren't aware) that what they do in the off-season plays a crucial role in how their season plays out.
You should start to move away from general aerobic conditioning and towards more basketball-specific sessions. For now, know that 2-3 sessions a week lasting 30 minutes are required to reach peak fitness in time for the start of the competitive season. About 4 weeks prior to the start of the in-season you'll want to exchange some or all of your strength sessions for plyometric training. Plyometrics or jump training is one of the most effective methods for developing explosive power.
As the competitive season draws closer your basketball training program should place more and more emphasis on quickness and agility.
Yes, you should perform all the drills at 100% but keep them short enough and allow enough recovery time in between so that form doesn't suffer. INTRODUCTION During adolescence, daily physical activity is of essential importance for the improvement of health, proper growth and development, as well as the decrease in the risk factors for the onset of cardio-vascular and metabolic disorders later on in adulthood. The existing guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity for adolescents several days a week [11].
Thus it is necessary to create the necessary preconditions for physical activity of adolescents with intellectual disability.

This can be achieved through a variety of physical activities (physical education classes, inclusive activities, class activities and so on), under the guidance of a dedicated and qualified physical education professor [9]. Team sports are a popular way for individuals with intellectual disability to take part in physical activities.
Basketball is not only often used as a part of programmed physical activities for intellectually challenged individuals, but also as an independent sport activity for these individuals since it includes the development of motor skills (running, jumping, kicking, and so on) through joint work and cooperation among individuals with the same extent of disability [6].
Even though in this day and age there is a relatively well-developed system of sport activities for this specific population, there are few scientific publications dedicated to the topic. The objective of this pilot study was to determine the differences in physical fitness and specific-motor skills after eight weeks of a specially adapted basketball training program.
The study was approved by the Institutional board of special schools for elementary and secondary education, "14 October", in Nis. The procedures presented were in accordance with the ethical standards on human experimentation. All participants underwent a physical examination for athletic eligibility performed by a specialist in sports medicine.
None of the participants showed any evidence of recent injury in their anamnesis or clinical reports. TRAINING AND TEST FAMILIARIZATION A specially adapted basketball training program was conducted four times per week, during eight consecutive weeks. The first 5 minutes were spent in dynamic warm-up to set the tone for the training session and the last 5 minutes involved stretching exercises to help relax the body. A two-foot take-off and landing was used, with the arms swinging and the knees bent to provide forward drive. With the palms facing downwards, and the hands on top of each other or side by side, the participant reached forward along the measuring line as far as possible. In the test battery for specific motor skills, the subjects of this study performed the first ability level of modified basketball tests designed for players with mental retardation, as described in previous studies [1, 5, 7].
All data were normally distributed, and a paired t-test was used to compare physical fitness and specific motor skills before and after eight weeks of specially adapted basketball training program. The very nature of basketball environment, which includes interaction among a greater number of people, the decision-making process in a series of various situations and the understanding of the game in its constituent parts, is the reason why this type of activity is often used as an effective and practical treatment for individuals with intellectual disability [2].

Basketball can lead to a significant increase in the effectiveness of the muscle system in such individuals and has a positive effect on their socialization through joint play [7]. We believe that the attention during training was directed to basic technical aspects of basketball game which probably reduced the intensity below the level needed to improve physical fitness in these participants. Different factors can explain the mechanism of the influence of basketball training on the motor skills in individuals with intellectual disability.
Exposure to complex factors during the specific planning and programming of basketball training can influence neurological plasticity through an increase in cell proliferation and the creation of a neural network in certain parts of the brain such as the cortex in the parietal lobe of the brain, as well as the cerebellum [3]. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to learn about molecular mechanisms and inter-cellular signalization during the acquisition of motor skills among individuals with intellectual disability. Therefore, specially adapted basketball education and the very nature of basketball environment, which includes interaction among different individuals, a decision-making processes over a variety of situations and understanding of the game in all its constituent parts, can be a means of improving interaction and promotion of connections between members of this specific population.
Finally, although the results of this pilot study can provide only limited information on the sources and magnitude of variation of response measures, they may further the design of a full-scale experiment on this topic. PRACTICAL APPLICATION Sport can play an important role in the lives of individuals with intellectual disability since it represents a good foundation for the development of physical and cognitive abilities.
Objective problems such as a lack of suitable equipment, facilities, or specialized programs, along with the high costs of organizing such physical activity, can be initially overcome through a variety of adapted basketball training programs, under the guidance of dedicated and qualified physical education teaching staff and regular medical control. The test battery proposed in this pilot study could be useful for monitoring the early stage of adapted basketball training improvement in adolescents with mental retardation.

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