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Barre workout video online, severe back pain - PDF Review

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The streaming video will launch in December 2013 and will be taught by Erin Andrews and Tanya Becker, Co-Founder of Physique 57®.
Similar to pay per view movies on cable TV, Physique 57®’s video platform allows participants to access an online workout for a certain period of time. Physique 57®’s online streaming videos are suitable for all levels of fitness and offer modifications for beginners and advanced levels. A New York City fitness favorite since 2006, Physique 57® sparked a barre studio craze with its sold out classes, cult following and celebrity clientele. This workout will augment the popular Physique 57® Online Workout platform that offers a variety of signature and targeted at-home workouts.

This video will include a series of body sculpting exercises that will focus on arms, thighs, seat, abs and back.
I am always traveling, so the Physique 57® at home streaming videos are the perfect way for me to work out anywhere, anytime.
They have the option to pay per workout or pay for unlimited access by purchasing a monthly subscription. The studio offerings are complemented by fitness retail boutiques, award-winning DVDs, online workouts, and a widely celebrated book, The Physique® 57 Solution, written by Co-Founders Tanya Becker and Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi. Physique 57® launched this innovative program to satisfy national and global demand, and help clients everywhere transform into the best versions of themselves beyond their studios, with their unique workouts and successful collection of DVDs.

Some equipment that may be used includes a waist-high sturdy chair or portable ballet barre, a light set of weights (3-5lbs) and a heavy set of weights (8-10lbs).

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