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Back strengthening exercises for herniated disc, benefits of elliptical machine backwards - For Begninners

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Welcome to the third part of the how to heal a herniated disc guide, click here for part one and part two, and in this article I’m going to explain how you can strengthen your body to eliminate the pains caused by your herniated disc and help prevent any further incidence of symptoms occurring again. Our goal in this phase of recovery is to strengthen our core muscles, the muscles that all movement or exercises or ANYTHING we do is related to.
If you’re ever wondering why are doing a group of exercises you can refer back to this part of the guide. These exercises are focusing on providing a basic foundation of strength for the following groups focusing on keeping and supporting a neutral spine during day to day tasks such as standing, walking and sitting. Keeping a neutral spine throughout place your right forearm on the floor while keeping your body elevated and balancing on your feet. If you can not hold this position for that long aim to cumulatively reach that time in as few sets as possible. Laying on your back placing your arms at a 45 degree angle away from your body with your palms face up, bring your feet towards your body and place them flat on the ground roughly a foot away from your glutes.
Starting with your legs secured by a partner, machine or creative instrument you have chosen, hang over an edge at the hips and completely relax the muscles in your lower back so your head and torso are upside down.
Hold this position for a 2 count and then lower yourself down to the starting position taking 3 seconds once more.
Starting with your torso secured by a partner, yourself holding on to something, machine or creative instrument you have again chosen, hang your legs over an edge at the hips and completely relax the muscles in your lower back.
Bother the hyper extension and reverse and great for recovery as they stimulate bloodflow to your lower back also. If you are unable to perform this exercise you can scale it down by increasing the leverage and bringing your knees towards your chest.
This exercise is difficult but once a full back lever is achieved you will be performing THE isometric exercise for strengthening your back. This exercise is also difficult but once a full front lever is achieve you will be performing THE isometric exercise for strengthening your anterior core and can forget the plank. Starting supine (on your back) with your hands holding onto a counter weight or bench by your head, bring your knees to your chest. The following exercises will provide the greatest potential for lumbar muscular activation.
Starting in the finish position of the hyper extension keeping your body parallel to the floor, slowly uncurl your spine starting with your head and finishing with your lower most vertebrae in the lower back. From here begin to curl up back to neutral position starting with the lower back and finishing with the head.

These exercises constitute the typical weightlifting exercises you see or weighted variations of exercises I’ve previously listed. If you do pursue this route I would avoid any exercise that put’s excessive load on the spine as they are more than likely to compress your disks further.
I hope you found this information useful and if you have read this far and the other parts to my guides thank you for reading and I hope you become pain free and have an back that would rival superman’s. Experiencing a herniated disc does not have to mean the end of your exercise and fitness life. Between your vertebras there are spongy discs that absorb shock so your bones don’t rub together. When you are ready to return to exercise after suffering a herniated disc, begin with caution and be mindful of the position your back is in when you are under load. Try adding these exercises into your routine to help rehab and prevent further disc problems. Be conscious of your body and use these exercises and stretches to connect yourself to your herniated disc so that you may overcome it. This entry was posted in Exercises and tagged Exercises, fitness, Herniated disc, online personal training by admin. On top of this you should now have increased mobility due to the stretches, myofascial release work and adjustment exercises you have been performing. You should only progress to Group 2 after you have performed these exercises 3 times a week for at least 4 weeks or until they become easy. It’s been shown that in study that in all cases of lower back pain, the stronger the muscles are in the lower back the faster the road to recovery is or the perceived pain experienced after trauma was lower. From here begin to reverse this movement by curling your body back up to parallel starting with your lower back and finishing with the head.
Use a 3 second count when going up and down and hold the top position for 1 second to secure your balance.
They under no circumstances should be performed if you experience any pain during the exercise after, or the next day. You can continue performing exercises from previous groups as you advance and should try to strengthen your core as much as you can even if you have stopped experiencing pain for a month or a year. I play ice hockey and the motions of the sport can be very out of balance to what humans do naturally and it puts A LOT of strain on the lower and middle back. Forward flexion with rotation is the worst position for someone with a herniated disc to be in.

After your workout be sure to foam roll and stretch your Quads, IT band, Hip flexors, Hamstrings, and periformis, and low back. Some of these exercises are not suitable until you have a sufficient level of pain free mobility so until you do it would be unwise to perform them. They do however provide the foundation necessary for performing the following exercises by focusing on strengthening the back when it’s NOT in a neutral position. You should be well aware of the symptoms you have experienced when dealing with your back pain so if they arise again immediately stop. I have 2 herniated discs and even though i went through various rehab with the physio, it has really been these tips that have helped the most, especially the ball massage, it really does release a lot of stress in the muscles. With understanding and proper exercise you can improve your condition and prevent further trouble.
AVOID any exercise or movement where your are leaned forward and twisting at the same time. These exercises strengthen the lower back to the safest greatest extent before the exercises in Group 3 may be performed.
You need to strengthen the low back and core muscles for recovery and prevention of further issues. Once you have a herniated disc it is likely that it will be a reoccurring issue so you need to continually evaluate yourself during exercise so you can make appropriate decisions. This is why it’s crucial we must focus on strengthening them as much as possible to provide a greater base for anything we do. Do not advance to Group 3 until you have performed these exercises for a minimum of 8 weeks or they become easy. Disc herniations tend to occur when people are in an awkward position and trying to lift something or put something on a shelf. In exercise a herniated disc is often a result of improper form or too much weight on exercises that stress the lower back.

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