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Back squat form video, excercise dvds - For Begninners

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Break at the hips and sit backwards to begin your descent, keeping your lower back straight and strong the whole way down. Drive back upwards through the glutes and hamstrings before finishing strong with hip extension.
Do not shoot your hips up first and finish the move with a "good morning" style bend in the lower back.

The high bar back squat is performed differently to the low bar squat, the positioning of your hands and the bar on your back is different and your body will remain more upright, following a slightly different movement to the low bar squat.
Grip the bar very close to shoulder width, taking a narrower grip than you would with a low bar squat.
Break at the knees and hips at the same time, moving straight downwards rather than back and down as you do in the low bar squat.

Hit full depth and drive straight back up through the bar, keeping your body strong and upright the whole way through.

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