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Back neck shoulder pain, exercise dance videos download - .

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Since we spent most of our day sitting at a desk at work, many people experience neck and shoulder tightness which results in neck- and shoulder pain. Our Nordixx branded poles, with specially designed hand straps in combination with a long arm swing [the proper Nordic pole walking technique] strengthens and relaxes your shoulder and neck muscles, with each stride.
EMG-measurement showed that electrical activities of the muscles in the upper body neck-shoulder-upper back) where significantly higher when walking with poles. Pole walking training diminished neck and shoulder symptoms and subjective feeling of pain. Typically, what is happening is that the muscles in the front of your body have become tight and the muscles of your upper back have become stretched out and weak. If your lower back is involved you might want to read about low back pain causes and the Ten Essentials for the overcoming back pain. The muscles that anchor the shoulder blades to the spine, the rhomboids, and middle and lower trapezius are normal length and strength. After three months my doctor told me that my blood pressure and insulin levels were back to normal, and needed no medication. The results, relaxed and muscles that can accommodate proper blood flood, this in turn diminishes the pain. There are a number of factors involved in obtaining neck pain relief that you should know about.
May be caused by weakness or paralysis of serratus anterior, especially after traumatic injury to upper shoulder and lower neck area (e.g.

But these two muscles aren't adequate for the extra load* and in response they become hyperactive and remain tight, always trying to pull the shoulders up toward the ears. Half of that weight is transmitted to the spinal column in back via the Rhomboids and Trapezius.
The usual therapeutic exercises for shoulders, such as seated rows and pull downs that use the arms in pulling or lifting weights, can be painful unless there's already some degree of shoulder blade stabilization. The increased kyphotic curve causes the neck to crane out, causing the bowling-ball-sized head to be held forward of the center of gravity. The shoulder blades are held wider apart because the muscles between them (Rhomboids, Middle and Lower Trapezius) must stretch for the kyphotic spinal curve to bulge out. The shoulders come back to a more normal position, which allows the chest to expand, and stretches the pectoral muscles underlying the breast area and the intercostal muscles between the ribs, so that they return to a normal length. Otherwise, spasm and pain prevents the effort from going into strengthening the rhomboids, and middle and lower traps, instead of the over-worked default muscles—the upper traps and levator scapula.
Sit straight on the butt, not on the lower back, and maintain the lumbar curve by sitting back in a chair with a lumbar support.
Focal points of hyperactivity are felt as tender knots at the levator scapulas' points of attachment to the shoulder blade (red X in illustration above and at left).
I wasn't able to activate the correct muscles during my 4 plus courses of Physical Therapy for neck and shoulders.
If slouched posture is habitual, the Rhomboids, and Upper and Lower Trapezius muscles, which anchor the shoulder blades to the long thoracic spinal column of the back, stay elongated and weaken (stretch weakness and atrophy).

Unfortunately in slouched posture, the levator scapula and the upper trapezius are also stretched—their points of attachment on the shoulder blade having moved further away.
I knew the effort was supposed to be coming from the shoulder blades area and not the arms, but that was next to impossible when one's back and shoulder blades are like an unknown territory.
Without a good way to see what should be activated, there is lack of innate body feel for what is really going on back there. Pain is the result but is often delayed, making the connection between cause and effect less obvious.
Over time, habitual Forward Head causes the back neck extensors to weaken and atrophy from chronic tightness and spasm, which squeezes out oxygen and nutrient–rich blood, thus starving the muscle. It was much later that I discovered that it was possible to learn to contract and strengthen the muscles that control shoulder blade movements without using the arms, but mirrors were needed for visual feedback.
At the same time neck flexors weaken and atrophy because they are hardly used at all (disuse atrophy).
I have back, hip and shoulder injuries so I simply could not do what those around me were doing. I love the focused purpose it gives to my weekly walks now!JenniferToronto, ONNordic Pole Walking brought me back to life.

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