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At-home workouts, how to get rid fat belly - How to DIY

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January 15, 2012 by Julie 164 Comments If you read this blog with any regularity, you’ve likely noticed that I have a serious love of circuit-style workouts. One of the best part about circuit workouts is that many of them require no gym equipment and those that do can usually be slightly altered so you can do them at home in your living room.
Below you will find some of my favorite workouts that I modified slightly (the original workout is hyperlinked) so that they may be done at home or in a hotel room when you’re traveling. I’ve heard great things about BodyRock and Insanity for awesome and challenging at-home workouts but still haven’t tried any of their workouts myself.

I’m a grad student at the UNC-Chapel Hill and am often short on time, so these workouts are perfect. I also like Billy Blank?s tae bo and Jillian Michaels? workouts since they are short but intense (to mee at least).
Ive been struggling with the motivation and time to workout after a long day at work and these workout have been the perfect! We’ve been following this website, which has 6 weekly plans for cross-fit style at-home workouts.

We’ve added a lot more running into our own routine than is planned with these at-home workouts. I also did some modifications from last week to fit in with my allotted time to workout, and what I was able to complete.

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