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Arnold Press is an excellent opportunity to vary your shoulder training in interesting and safe way. To start Dumbbell Arnold Press prepare a weight half of you’re using for the dumbbell shoulder press. Now raise the dumbbells over your head just as in the dumbbell shoulder press, but swing them about its axis in the same time, so your palms will face away from you at the top point of the exercise.
Performing Dumbbell Arnold Press, make sure that your technique is clear: keep a strict form of your body by tensing your abdominal muscles, control the angle of your torso to the floor (90 degrees only), go the dull range of movement and watch if you movements are smooth and slow.

This type of presses is called ‘Arnold’ due to world’s most famous former bodybuilder, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Plenty of modifications allows you to spice your shoulder training still reaching amazing physical results. Arnolds is considered to be one of the best alternatives to shoulder dumbbell press and certainly one of the most interesting exercises by it’s modifications and ability to improve your deltoids, front and side heads precisely. Dumbbells should be at the level of your shoulders, close to your body, the grip is such that your palms are towards you.

The conception, that makes this exercise so effective, remains the same: you are working in transverse, frontal and sagittal planes of motion. This exercise is good to perform for a newbie as well as for experiences sportsmen, who keeps perfect shape of shoulder girdle.

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