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Arnold presses vs dumbbell presses, how can i lose fat fast on my stomach - How to DIY

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Arnold Schwarzenegger invented what is now called the Arnold Press or Arnold Dumbbell Press as an effective shoulder exercise.
You may also have heard of or maybe tried some other variations on the Arnold Press which include the Olympic Press, Bradford Press and Military Press. Here is a complete explenation about the Arnold Press and about shoulder presses in general. Take 2 dumbbells and place them in front of your shoulders, palms facing your way and the elbows same line as your wrists. Keep raising your elbows outward while pressing the dumbbells over your head till your arms are straight. When performing the Arnold Press you useualy sit down on a straight bench, identical like when performing the normal shoulder press, also called overhead shoulder press. When doing the Arnold press, there is less side delts (shoulders) work and because of that the Arnold press is better for your front delts and upper chest.
If you want to train your side shoulders and bring them out more, then you should do standard shoulder presses.
When training shoulders you should be very careful with your body, if you will injure your shoulder even once then you will suffer for a long long time and will probably need to take a break from all kind of exercises like bench press and other types of presses. For all the benefits the traditional overhead barbell press affords, the dumbbell version (with palms facing forward) keeps pace stride for stride. While a number of variations of dumbbell overhead presses have risen in popularity, our focus is on the original. Overhead presses are compound moves (meaning more than two sets of joints are working together, in this case the muscles that attach to the elbow and shoulder joints, so the triceps are also assisting) that are typically done first in your shoulder routine. Shoulder machine press is a shoulder workout similar to the military press, with the only difference that instead of the barbell, you use machine.

Performed in a similar starting posture as the dumbbell side raise, the front lateral raise targets your supraspinatus muscles in shoulders. Dumbbell Military Press is one of the best shoulder exercises, and makes the top 10 list of nearly every shoulder exercise list. Begin with light-weight doumbbells and get an understanding for this kind of shoulder press prior to using heavy weight.
When you perform normal shoulder press you increase the focus on your inside shoulder muscles. So when it comes to Arnold press vs shoulder press, do the mix of both and also make sure to do military press. For one, the biggest benefit of the dumbbells is they allow a greater (or freer) range of motion than the barbell counterpart.
If you haven’t tried the Arnold press, you’ve been missing out on one of the best moves for your delts. Dumbbells require the most coordination but also allow the most freedom, such that you can do them with even your hands facing forward or neutral (palms in).
Shoulder machine press is actually a very good exercise for beginners who struggle to control the weights.
Holding dumbbells to the side, raise your elbows straight in front of your body at shoulder height, hold for two seconds and return slowly.
When comparing dumbbell shoulder moves for front delt stimulation, the key is actually elbow position.
Very similar to the overhead dumbbell press, Arnold Press works the anterior and deltoid muscles of the shoulder. Holding dumbbells to your sides, raise your elbows and arms wide, reaching your shoulder height.

Using dumbbells instead of barbell gives you more control when lifting weight and you also overcome any weak side you may have which is overlooked when using barbell. If you are a beginner bodybuilder, the Arnold Press may present you with a small challenge. Because you keep your elbows out to your sides during standard overhead dumbbell presses, the emphasis remains primarily focused on the middle delts. The only downsize of machine press is that sometimes, one is unable to balance the weights on both shoulders, leading to one shoulder lifting more than the other. Holding two dumbbells in front of shoulders, with palms facing towards the body, move your elbows to the side and and raise above your head, moving your palms in a direction away from your body.
In other words, more total muscle fibers are hard at work when doing the overhead dumbbell press. However, the Arnold press forces your elbows to drop in front of your body, in some regards similar to a front raise, which calls upon the anterior delts to a great degree.
With dumbbells in hand, simply begin with your palms facing your shoulders and your elbows down in front of you.
As you press the dumbbells upward, the middle and rear delts become increasingly engaged but not until the front delts initiate most of the move. Press the weights straight up, pronating your hands (turn your wrists out once the dumbbells reach eye level) so that your palms face forward as you reach full-arm extension.
This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells or machine.This was the top 10 list of best shoulder Exercises.

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