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Arm Circles (forward and back) – I always begin by taking a wide stance and engaging in 25-30 arm circles of varying speed forward and back. The best way to figure out the best type of stretching for you, is to be able to understand both types of stretching in detail. To put it easiest, dynamic stretching focuses on sport specific movements, with a gradual increase in reach, speed, or both, within that sport. Dynamic stretching improves flexibility in motion and it resembles a movement you would make in your sport. The flexibility gained by dynamic stretching is due to a slight rise in muscle temperature allowing stimulation of the nervous system and elongation of muscles. As stated above, dynamic stretching is ideal for warm ups because it decreases the likelihood of injury and increases the possibility of improved performance. Dynamic stretching exercise vary in scope and duration, ranging from plyometrics to sprinting; from light weight lifting to simulated motions. Dynamic stretches are joint rotations of fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, trunk, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. Ideally, an exercise program has three phases: dynamic stretching for warming up, the sport or the core activity itself, and static stretching for cooling down.

Can you explain the pros and cons on ballistic stretching, My coaches have always said not to bounce. This is a hybrid of both types of stretching, where you are stretching passive muscles while using a bouncing motion.
Unlike ballistic stretching, you are not trying to force your body to extend its range of motion. By performing a dynamic stretch before a sport, you not only reduce the risk of injury, you also fire up your muscles for peak performance. These can be accomplished through such exercises as neck mobility exercises, shoulder circles, arm swings, side bends, hip circles, half squats, leg swings, lunges, and ankle bounces. Specifically, when the need for power, coordination, and eccentric strength is no longer necessary, static stretching soothes, calms, and balances the nervous system while simultaneous relaxing and rejuvenating once-active muscles. Use your good arm to lift your affected arm at the elbow, and bring it up and across your body, exerting gentle pressure to stretch the shoulder.
Be sure to warm up your shoulder and do your stretching exercises before you perform strengthening exercises.
Rotate the lower part of the affected arm outward two or three inches and hold for five seconds.

Hold the other end with the hand of the affected arm, holding your elbow at a 90-degree angle. This type of stretching forces an extended range of movement before the muscle has relaxed enough to extend. With your elbow slightly bent, slowly walk your fingers up the wall, spider-like, until you've raised your arm as far as you comfortably can. Research has shown that this type of stretching does more harm than good, injuring muscles and nerves due to jerking movements. Hold the bottom of the towel with the affected arm and pull it toward the lower back with the unaffected arm. When you're ready for more, increase the stretch by holding a light weight (three to five pounds) in the swinging arm.

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