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Arm strength exercises for swimmers, weight gain diet for men - How to DIY

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Benefits: Similar to a freestyle and butterfly catch, use this exercise to target your latissimi dorsi (lats).
Standing, not sitting, extend your arms with a slight bend in the elbow and place your hands on the bar a bit wider than shoulder-distance apart.
Lower yourself with control and repeat the exercise, bringing your chin back up to the bar. You can get the same benefits for your swimming strokes by aiding your pull-up with a superband or using a pull-up machine.

Add these functional exercises to your pre-season routine to build stroke power and a strong core.
Release your grip to where only the palms of your hands are on the the bar (this helps direct the exercise to your lats). Luckily, you can still improve your stroke and technique in the gym by incorporating these upper-body exercises into your next weight-room session. In this exercise, it is not so much the amount of weight you are working with, but your technique and form, making you more aware of the connection between your catch and lat muscles.

Remember, this exercise is highly specific to your catch — awareness is more important than weight.
If you can only do two reps with perfect form, take a 20–30-second break, then try two more.

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