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Aerobics video 2015, push-pull workout - Reviews

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As we look towards the 2015 SEMA show which takes place on November 3-6 in Las Vegas, this is one build we are looking forward to seeing there.
If you are wondering how Lund Racing’s cammed idle tune for the 2015 Mustang GT sounds, you will have to wait no further. Here is a heartwarming video to help your mid-week doldrums.  M6G member Dale Cutler recently sold his 2012 V6 Mustang and bought a new 2015 Mustang GT in Competition Orange.

Watch our aerobic video and get pumped!So don your leotards, legwarmers and sweat vests and get pumped for a sweat fest. Call in on 1300 0 555 36 and post your pics online using #mattandalexercise.Today we hit up Bondi to film our first (and probably last) ever aerobics work-out.

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