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Abs workout youtube, jason momoa workout - How to DIY

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This short and sweet shot of abs is perfect right after a cardio workout or as an add on to some strength training, or simply as an abs break anytime of day or night! Blast off the belly fat with this full 30-minute workout that combines high intensity interval training cardio with standing abs exercises as an active recovery for maximum results.
Relieve belly-fat inducing stress with this yoga-inspired routine designed to target your core muscles for strong, flat and functional abs.
Add a little weight to your abs workout with this routine that incorporates the use of dumbbells to add an additional challenge for your core and boost your calorie burn by working multiple muscle groups off the floor.

Get rid of the belly pooch and create flat, firm, pulled in and strong abs with this targeted toning session! Work deep into the abdominal muscles with these barre and Pilates style exercises that help develop flat, pulled in and strong abs (and work your inner thighs, back and arms in the process too). This fat-blasting (and FUN) cardio routine incorporates the use of a small ball (a similar sized pillow works too) to amp up your abs while burning up tons of calories. This full workout uses standing-only abs moves to whittle your waistline and create strong, flat abs fast!

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