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Abs fitness, shoulder blade muscle pain relief - How to DIY

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Well there are a lot of different opinions out there about how you should train your abs to really grow. Now the best part of increasing the size of your abdominal muscles is that you will start to see your abs and even have a 6 pack at a higher body fat %.
First of all, I am not one of these trainers who will tell you that you can get 6 pack abs with just 15 minutes of abs work 3 times a week. The key to toning abs effectively is to make sure you don’t let them relax between reps. If you don’t maintain proper form or alignment when toning abs you can easily injure yourself. A Fitness model takes his shirt of and it looks like his abs is going to poke your eye out.

You have the frequency debate on whether you should train your abs each day or train them once or twice per week.
But if you are looking for the ultimate eye popping abs you must take it to the next level and combine these two principles and get your body fat % as low as possible and increase the size of your abdominal muscle as much as possible.
If you are skinny on the other hand and you are already at around 8 or 9 % body fat and there is no sign of any 6 pack breaking through, get onto a muscle building program and start building some abs! Yes, by doing this you will improve the Hypertrophy and strength of your midsection, but this will not increase the likelihood of that washboard abs showing through.
They spend hours a day doing sit-ups after sit-ups, cardio session after cardio session, but this will help you build an eye popping 6 pack about as much as rubbing self raising flour onto your abs. If you just hammer your abs every day it will be like building a skyscraper up to the first floor and keep breaking down to ground each day, it is never going to get any higher if you keep doing that!

Abs will only start to show at fewer than 15% body fat; however this is different from person to person.
So you need to allow your abs to grow by giving time to recover ( In other words, resting them ), that is just how muscle works!

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