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Most of these belts also come with an exercise and nutrition program and believe it or not the FDA actually endorses a few of them!
I will tell you what this belts are good for, at least for me, my menstrual pains and cramps and thats all. Today, I’m talking about the AB Belt, a belt that literally shocks your abdominals with little jolts of electricity and promises a six-pack in just 6 weeks.
The Ab Belt claims that by sending small electrical impulses to your abdominal muscles through pads in a belt it will tone, strengthen and somehow make a set of washboard abs appear.

This leads people to believe that wearing such a belt will spot reduce fat in their belly area. Sure, if you sit on your couch all day and do absolutely nothing, perhaps a little shock here and there may provide a hair width of muscular stimulus.
They may help a bit with salvaging some lost strength, but the stimulators that rehab centers and clinicians use are far more powerful than any ab fitness belt available.
While having strong, sexy, great looking abs is important, they’re just part of the overall picture.

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