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Ab wheel workout benefits, shoulder pain computer use exercises - Review

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Consisting of a small wheel and a padded axel which acts as a handle, ab wheels are used for performing ab wheel rollouts; a very effective ab exercise. Ab wheel workouts will develop strength and core stability which will often translate to improved sporting performance. Unlike crunches and sit-ups, ab wheel workouts use multiple muscles and joints in synergy which will enhance inter and intramuscular coordination.
This entry was posted in Articles and tagged Ab Wheel, fitness 19, fitness 2000, fitness connection, fitness connection allen tx, fitness connection irving tx, fitness magazine, fitness pal, fitnessblender on May 7, 2014 by testhost1. This ulitmate core-training tool is made of heavy duty, durable polymers with a solid, non-neumatic rubber wheel, that has sure-footed GoFit tread. As well as being great for your abs, ab wheel workouts offer several other noteworthy benefits.

These muscles are responsible to stabilizing your spine and preventing extraneous movement of your back when you lift, bend, stretch and move.
Running, kicking, jumping, throwing and punching are all reliant on a strong core and as ab wheel workouts are so effective for increasing core strength, working out with an ab wheel will inevitably lead to better physical performance. The large range of movement you will experience when doing ab wheel rollouts will also enhance flexibility and mobility. There are plenty of high tech ab training tools around but when it comes to the benefits versus the cost, ab wheel workouts are very hard to beat. Ab wheel workouts can help strengthen your muscles so they are better able to keep your spine functioning smoothly and free from pain. The Extreme Ab Wheel from GoFit challenges your your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes for a total core workout.

Whether using your hands or your feet, both surfaces provide a rubberized texture to help you maintain your hold during training. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of your GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel and reap real fitness benefits. Also included are heavy duty web-weave nylon straps that are fully adjustable to keep your feet in place and sucure during your workout.

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