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Ab wheel results, interval training workouts at home - PDF Review

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A couple of days later and delivered to work, the brown Amazon box arrived (a massive box for the size of the product inside by the way!) and I spent the day excited about my new toy and giving it a whirl (pun intended) that evening when I got home.
The user guide is pretty useless as it only contains assembly instructions and no guide on how you should use the wheel or any kind of training program.
Another of the USPs of the Ab Carver is the extra wide wheel which is meant to provide more stability when rolling out and in.
And so this is where the claim comes from that the Ab Carver Pro works and sculpts your arms in addition to your abs – More on this from first hand experience later. So whilst I am impressed with the build quality and features of the Ab Carver Pro, the real acid test of whether it is any good or not is whether it can meet its claims of strengthening your core and sculpting your arms.
There is a 21 day workout program available to download from the site (here) that I will follow and I will judge the effectiveness of the Ab Carver Pro based on the difference between my before and after pictures from day 1 to day 21 as well as whether I feel that my core is any stronger or not. I will reveal the results of the Ab Carver Pro Workout and give it my final review score in 21 days time! See you in 21 days where I will give my final verdict & view on whether the Ab Carver Pro is worth the money. There is so many fitness equipment out there for abdominal training, but an ab wheel is surely among the most valuable ones.
When my life gets too busy and I can't get to the gym, I can still get a full body workout in with the Gravity Bar in the comfort of my own home.

This ulitmate core-training tool is made of heavy duty, durable polymers with a solid, non-neumatic rubber wheel, that has sure-footed GoFit tread. After following the plan for 21 days (and of course watching what I ate), the results are clear to see, belly is noticeably flatter with even a hint of a blurry six pack showing too which I never thought would be possible!
I was looking for something that I could use first thing in the morning or last thing at night just before going to bed and that’s when I stumbled upon the Ab Carver Pro. It looked more robust, less plasticy and toy like and left me thinking it could be a useful bit of kit to have around the house to torch my abs with when the mood took me. Looks can often be deceiving when you buy online but any worries I had about the product being more flimsy & lightweight in real life than its sales pictures would have you believe were immediately dispelled upon picking the main wheel unit up.
It recommends to use a wall as a backstop until you have full control of being able to stop the wheel after rolling out. I have to say, when you carve left and right, you really feel it in your lower back and I can also now understand the claims that the ab carver tones your arms too. Personally, I always had pain in my knees while I was doing ab wheel exercises, but this pad is surprisingly soft. By using my own body weight, I get a more proportional workout--not to mention it saves me time and gives me great results! The wider wheel is definitely one aspect of the Ab Carver that I can’t recommend enough.

When carving to the side, you do feel quite a burn in the arms which can only be a good thing! Besides, this wide wheel makes it better than the other rollers since we do not have to fight to keep the balance.
The Extreme Ab Wheel from GoFit challenges your your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes for a total core workout. That’s one good thing about the Ab Carver, the fact that they provide you with a workout plan to follow gives you a structure to stick to which helps ensure you will see results. Whether using your hands or your feet, both surfaces provide a rubberized texture to help you maintain your hold during training. In addition, this wheel works fine on carpets or hard floor, so it can be used almost everywhere. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of your GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel and reap real fitness benefits.

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