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Ab roller fitness equipment, perfect abs workout machine - Plans Download

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Ab Rollers are just one type of abdominal exercise equipment, and they have pros and cons for ab training.
I have to admit that I purchased an abdominal roller, when I was a sophomore in college, and I used it religiously in my ab workouts. If you use a roller, you're essentially doing versions of ab crunches, and doing crunches will strengthen your abdominals.
The big difference when using a roller is decreased pressure on the neck muscles, and comfort. Many people get motivated by different ab exercise equipment, so if you like the roller or it motivates you to do crunches and other ab exercises that's a plus.

Using a roller will limit your range of motion, and neglect strengthening the neck muscles. When you use a roller to do various ab exercises, you will have a limited range of motion because you're confined to the angles of the machine. I do not personally use a roller any more, but there was a time when I liked using it during my ab workouts.
If someone is de-conditioned, overweight, suffers neck pain, and likes the ab roller, then I will not force them to stop using it. Exercise balls are awesome, take the $50 dollars you would spend on an ab roller and purchase an exercise ball instead, you'll get more bang for your buck.

It's a Complete Women's Fitness Plan with Simple Secrets to Lose Weight and Tone Your Stomach.
The Ab Roller comfortably supports your neck and head while you exercise with the headrest.

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