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Ab pro circle machine, getting ripped abs - Reviews

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The Abdoer Pro has three levels of fitness making it perfect for just about any fitness level.
Endorsing As Seen On TV ProductsCelebrities have gotten into this market by endorsing these products and also some celebrities even created their own products to advertise on television commercials.
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I have just got an a circle pro secondhand from a friend who bought it secondhand so no idea how old it is. I try to get on my Ab Circle Pro once every day although admittedly I forget often, but when I do regularly I notice suttle results.
We have bought 2 lots of replacement knee pads and a set of rollers for our ab circle pro since we purchased it. This stupid machine no use at all I purchase at a handsome ammount of money by seeing the ad.
I bought my Ab Circle Pro 2 years ago from a direct mail catalogue after seeing the informercials on TV. So, if you just used the Ab Circle Pro for 3 minutes a day (as they say to should) and did not eat less and do aerobic exercise, you WILL NOT lose weight like they hint you will. They say that the Ab Circle Pro gets you to your aerobic target heart rate zone faster than any aerobic machine in the gym.
If you’re not used to the Ab Circle Pro, then it’s likely that you will get to your target heart rate faster – but getting there faster doesn’t mean the Ab Circle Pro is better. I have no doubt that if you are not used to it, the Ab Circle Pro will increase your heart rate some and you may start to sweat a little too. The statement that the Ab Circle Pro is it’s “like a treadmill for the abs” makes you think it  is as good at cardio as a treadmill.
Jennifer Nicole Lee says that you get her “lose your love handle system” when you buy the Ab Circle Pro. They say that the Ab Circle Pro works because it combines cardiovascular exercise and abdominal exercise. Jennifer Nicole Lee is not only the spokesperson for the Ab Circle Pro she is also the co-creator and designer too.
While they never specifically say spot reduction in the infomercial, all the pictures and talk about abs leads one to believe that this is what will happen when you use the Ab Circle Pro. If people use the Ab Circle Pro AND eat fewer calories AND do aerobic exercise 4-7 days a week for 30-60 minutes a day, I think they will lose some weight – maybe even 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
If people ONLY use the Ab Circle Pro for 3 minutes a day without doing the other stuff, they will work their abdominal muscles only. Those not accustomed to the Ab Circle Pro should begin with only 30 seconds to 1 minute for the first week.

If you have osteoporosis, you should not use the Ab Circle Pro or do any exercise that causes you to do a sit up or crunch movement or twisting of the spin.
But, in the Ab Circle Pro infomercial JNL doesn’t mention doing squats with her infant son but rather attributes all of her weight loss to the Ab Circle Pro. Likewise, the claim that people can get their exercise in as little as 3 minutes a day has also been dropped from Ab Circle Pro ads.
For those who want to try the Ab Circle Pro, I don’t think you have to pay a lot for it anymore.
I saw this device on an late night informational several weeks ago, the very idea of using this machine for extended periods as a form of cardiovascular exercise to aid weight loss is laughable, but many people take the claims made for these devices seriously.
I used to be a follower of Jennifer Nicole lee (jnl) and came very close to purchasing her online program….but than she came out with this gimmick!
I have also reduced my caloric intake, but as far as widdling my middle, I haven’t noticed as to whether that process has been achieved. I am going to continue with my daily 30 minutes on the ab circle pro, in my opinion, adding a 30 minute workout to my fitness routine cannot hurt. Since the muscles of your legs are bigger than the muscles of your midsection you will burn more calories on the treadmill than on the Ab Circle Pro so I suggest putting extra time on the treadmill and using the Ab Circle Pro less.
We can spot build (building up the muscle that is exercised) but I don’t think the Ab Circle Pro will cause a lot of build up of muscle on the inner thighs because you are not using a lot of resistance. I think your friend who uses the Ab Circle is probably eating less food and that is what is causing weight loss.
Hi I’m Jessica,and i have been using the ads circle for about four weeks one time a day along walking and jogging, and a little diet.
Gautham, the Ab Circle Pro will make the muscles stronger but I dont think it will help the lose skin. This time the sticker on the machine fell off straight away when it came out of box and the knee cap is broken.
Staff knew nothing of ruling but funny enough all stock of Abcircle Pro removed from shop floor.
The Ab Circle Pro is another in a long series of “amazing” “breakthrough” abdominal machines touted to help you lose weight.
I’d bet that you would get used to the Ab Circle Pro  and this would result in less sweating, less increase in heart rate and less calories used. Of course it is; that’s why it says at the bottom of each testimonial on the infomercial that the people using the Ab Circle Pro also reduced their calories (and did aerobic exercise). But what the infomercial doesn’t show is the proof that the Ab Circle Pro burns calories as well as a treadmill etc. As far as sweating, I am sweating as much if not more today from the ab circle pro as I was 45 days ago, so it may be just me, but that hasn’t decreased.

Maybe your Aunt used the ab circle pro a lot during that 3 weeks and maybe she also did some sort of aerobic activity to beef up the calories she burned. The company responds to some complaints by shipping orders, replacing items, issuing RMA’s, canceling orders, or providing contact information.
If you are not sure of how to use the machines, I suggest you ask one of the personal trainers at the gym. Because of it’s unique design and especially where you position your your hands it helps you to support your  movements you go from side to side on the machine in a gliding motion.
Phrases like these have been used so many times to sell products that they hold little very meaning anymore. Not once in the Ab Circle Pro infomercial did I see a published peer reviewed study proving that the Ab Circle Pro was as good as a treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc at burning calories.
This is interesting since Jennifer Nicole Lee lost her 80 pounds in 2004 –  before the Ab Circle Pro was being sold. I’d guess that if they do those machines, it would be better if they move slowly through a pain free range of motion rather than going fast. I am quite skeptical after reading the article above as to whether the ab circle pro will provide me with the benefits that I have been wanting to achieve. I dont own a scale so I am unsure as to whether I have dropped any pounds or not from adding the ab circle pro to my workouts. Its also possible that since the Ab circle pro was a new form of exercise for her, that it temporary caused her to burn an inordinate amount of calories for the first few weeks.
Surface electromyography was used to assess 12 subjects (6 men, 6 women) for 6 exercise conditions, including: abdominal crunch, side bridge, quadruped, and Ab Circle levels 1-3. You can try the Ab Circle but I honestly still dont feel it will trim your tummy if that is all you are doing.
They do mention an “independent study” but I can’t see where it’s published, Its not listed on the Ab Circle Pro website or the website for Jennifer Nicole Lee, the spokeswoman of the Ab Circle Pro. I wrote this Ab Circle Pro review after I saw the Ab Circle Pro commercial  on TV and decided to challenge their statements so you would know better if the Ab Circle Pro was right for you. Of course the Ab Circle Pro will activate the abs and other abdominal muscles to a degree but until they do a peer reviewed study and get it published in a peer-reviewed journal, I don’t believe it. First couple of times my neck was sore but getting the correct position has helped machine.

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