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A workout routine cardio, nutritional benefits of tilapia fish - Try Out

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Although a 10 minutes cardio workout does not seem to be too much, but short, yet complete and intense training can do a lot to burn calories. The secret is that the routine should include exercises which work the muscles efficiently and boost the heart rate. This is a truly intense routine which works your entire body, no equipment is required and helps to torch fat.

This routine from Fitnessblender contains much the same moves, but there are some which you will need to do on the floor. Kickboxing trainings are excellent to develop the cardiovascular system and to stimulate and tone muscles.
A well-made cardio workout can burn fat and a lot of calories even if it takes only 10 minutes.

By the way, most of the workout videos below are presented by women, but they are suitable for men as well.

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