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8 body fat, cutting diet plan and workout - Test Out

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If you ask a 100 gym members what their goals are at least 75 of them will say that its weight loss, or in more professional language lowering the body fat percentage. So for the majority of people taking on exercise in order to lower the body fat percentage, it would be great to explain in simple words how that process works, and that is what I will try to do in this blog. In order to loose 1 pound of body fat we have to create a 3500 calorie deficit coming from that source of energy.

You can see that it is all about keeping the metabolic rate as high as we can in order lower our body fat percentage.
The lesson to remember is to be patient, never skip breakfast, eat regular meals consisting of healthy fats and protein with carbohydrates being included only around our activities.
We deliver a program that is unique, and provides the preferred attention required to optimise the time working your body.

After that, it will suddenly stop as the metabolic rate will drastically slow due to the body being constantly over trained and underfed.

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