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70 year old woman gives birth, how to get rid of excess fat - Review

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Today, the 76-year-old old woman along with her octogenarian husband is busy bringing up their youngest child. Cradling her twin boys in her arms, the world's oldest mother confidently proclaimed that longevity ran in her family. But just two and half years on, Maria Carmen del Bousada's boasts have been proved sadly wrong.
Her death will reopen the debate about whether older women should be allowed to undergo fertility treatment. After the birth she admitted lying about her age and predicted she would live to 101 as her mother had done. Last night Miss Bousada's death led to renewed criticism of the availability of fertility treatment to older women. Adriana Iliescu, a Romanian who gave birth at 66 in 2005, said she was pained to hear of Miss Bousada's death. The world's oldest mother is dying just 18 months after giving birth at the age of 70.Rajo Devi Lohan says she is too weak to recover from complications after her IVF pregnancy. News about her condition came as it emerged that a 66-year-old has become the oldest woman in the world to have triplets.

Both women received IVF treatment at the same controversial clinic in India after being unable to bear children throughout their married lives, which is regarded as a stigma in their culture. Mrs Lohan, who gave birth to her daughter Naveen in November 2008, is now confined to bed and so frail she cannot lift the little girl. After nearly 54 years of marriage they were desperate to have a child so took out loans to pay for the ?2,000 IVF treatment. Mrs Lohan suffered internal bleeding and her womb ruptured after the caesarean birth, but she ignored doctors' orders to rest in bed and instead squatted down every day to milk the family buffalo.
After nearly 44 years as a childless wife, she gave birth to two dangerously underweight boys and a girl on May 29. Dr Bishnoi boasted that Mrs Devi's government birth certificate proved she was born on May 21, 1944, making her 66. But a London-based fertility expert questioned the wisdom of helping such old women to give birth.
In 2008, aged 70, the woman became the oldest in the world to give birth to twins – a boy and girl. Critics, including her own family, called the pensioner, who went through the menopause 18 years before her ?20,000 treatment, 'selfish and irresponsible'.

He said: "IVF has revolutionised the way we look at infertility,"Although most women have entered the menopause by their early fifties, recent advances in science mean that going through "the change" does not have to bring an end to their years of childbearing. The fertilised eggs, using their partner's sperm or a younger mans, are then implanted into the women, using IVF. But doctors warn that carrying a baby at an advanced age can place a great deal of stress on an older mother's body.
Women who give birth in their fifties and sixties are more likely to suffer complications such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or to give birth by caesarean section, studies have shown.
Older mothers are also more likely to have babies born prematurely or to develop a condition called pre-eclampsia, which can cause serious complications for both mother and child.
According to official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 1,091 women aged 45 and over gave birth in 2007 compared to the 540 who did so in 1995.

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