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7 foods to avoid virgin, exercise to lose body fat quick - Review

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JJ Virgin believes the secret to losing weight is simply by avoiding certain foods which cause it in addition to health problems.
Like it was mentioned before, you are going to eliminate all of these foods for 3 weeks then re-introduce each one again and see how they affect you.
JJ Virgin also promotes her own products through the book such as supplements, other diet books and shakes. Some of the foods JJ Virgin recommends avoiding may not necessarily be bad if you get them in their raw, organic state.
While I agree with her overall points about getting rid of foods in your current eating routines, I do question some of her choices.
I love talking about food sensitivities because I have personally witnessed the power of identifying and eliminating them to transform a person's health. When her book, The Virgin Diet and corresponding PBS special was released, JJ Virgin helped millions of people to lose 7 pounds in 7 days by eliminating 7 foods. All of these are things that offset chronic disease and give you a better quality of life so by avoiding these foods, you are literally saving and extending your own life.

Food intolerances or sensitivities are associated with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, skin problems, GI issues, and mood disorders.
Many other symptoms that we are used to accepting that are connected to one of these 7 foods are gas, bloating, low energy, fatigue, cravings, skin issues, and inability to lose weight. The best way (if you are not going to run a blood test because not everyone needs to avoid organic corn, peanuts, raw milk, and eggs) is to take them all out at once and see how you feel.
The old method of eating foods in moderation and watching calories is not enough to control symptoms caused by food intolerances, even small quantities of "trigger" foods may create problems.
We tend to crave the foods that we have an intolerance to, which can lead to addictions and the inability to lose weight.
I typically have people introduce one new food every four days after a three-week elimination diet. For people without an autoimmune condition, avoiding foods you are sensitive to will prevent autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation. Once trigger foods are taken out the diet, these symptoms disappear and the "side effect” is rapid weight loss.

In her book, The Virgin Diet, JJ explains how to pull these foods out for three weeks and when to bring them back one at a time and check for any symptoms. Yes getting rid of some foods will certainly bring about positive change, but I don’t think this will happen right away since for the first week or two your body will be adjusting to not eating some of the 7 foods you were once used. You must be extra careful with foods that are newer to us or with food that has been genetically modified such as gluten, soy, and dairy.
If you are going to eat of these 7 foods (please don’t ever eat artificial sweeteners though, there is absolutely no reason for that when you have Stevia and coconut sugar), then take a digestive enzyme beforehand. Most dairy foods this day n age are not healthy, are loaded with artificial ingredients and hormones which don’t exactly help us. A diet called the¬†gluten free diet¬†really gets into the details of why you should avoid this ingredient.

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