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6 pack abs shortcut, dumbbell curls - Within Minutes

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Learn all about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts Program and whether it’s right for you in this complete, detailed, and most importantly, HONEST product review.
Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program is a comprehensive workout program that will help you build lean muscle, burn stubborn fat, and get six pack abs using a variety of strength and conditioning exercises and training protocols along with a collection of other lifestyle habits to help you build an attractive physique you can be proud of.
Also, please note that this review mainly focuses on the Six Pack Shortcuts program itself – NOT on all of the additional bonuses and special offers that come with it – though they are briefly covered. You see, I had gotten a handful of questions about Mike Chang and his Six Pack Shortcuts program from some of my blog readers and Youtube subscribers. Apart from the fact that some of my readers have been asking me about Mike Chang and Six Pack Shortcuts, there’s another reason I wrote this review.
So, I wanted to get to the bottom of this and publish this Six Pack Shortcuts review because you really need to know the truth. Just type “Six Pack Shortcuts Review” into Google and you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds, of extremely positive, yet vague product reviews proclaiming the wondrous inner-workings of this controversial system. So, my goal in presenting this Six Pack Shortcuts review is to give you the whole story of what this product is all about, who it can and can’t help, and whether or not it’s right for you – your needs, goals, and unique circumstances.
Six Pack Shortcuts is reasonably priced, and in terms of its monetary cost, offers a lot of value for the program as a whole. On top of that, Six Pack Shortcuts is a very specific product and program that is NOT suitable for any and every six pack seeker – regardless of what you may hear from one of these savvy review sites to the contrary.
The Six Pack Shortcuts company makes some extremely bold claims concerning their product, system, and methods as a whole – and much of what I hear about it sounds too good to be true (and much of it is). Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Six Pack Shortcuts is totally bogus – a trick or a sham. First, you will learn all about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts product itself – what it is, what you get, how it can or can’t help you, and most importantly, what you’ll have to do to use it successfully.
So, in an effort to bring you as honest and unbiased of a Six Pack Shortcuts review as possible, I’m going to do my best to set our differences aside when reporting on this product. Six Pack Shortcuts is a digital (ie downloadable) program in Video (mp4) and PDF format that you can view on your computer, smart phone, tablet, or any other device that will connect to the Internet or will otherwise display Video and PDF files.
At it’s very core, Six Pack Shortcuts is a workout program that is meant to help guys and gals lose some bodyfat, build a little bit of lean muscle, and uncover six pack abs.
There are also a bunch of additional bonuses included with purchase of Six Pack Shortcuts, but this review will only touch briefly on each of them a little later.
So, you just decided to buy Six Pack Shortcuts and you finally got login access to the members area. In fact, in the past, Youtube has even gone so far to suspend and even delete the Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube account for the same reasons.
Now, I probably don’t have all the facts straight, but this just goes to show that Six Pack Shortcuts walks the line between ethical and unethical marketing. So, if I had to sum it up, I don’t think Six Pack Shortcuts is an outright scam like some of the stuff you may see on late-night TV, but it is quite gimmicky – and it does smell a lot like a scam when you first see it. The good news is that now that I’ve actually conducted a comprehensive review of Six Pack Shortcuts, I know the truth about it, and whether or not it can legitimately help you or not. If you want to know the honest truth, working on a review of Six Pack Shortcuts has been an exercise in frustration.
But I kept coming back to this fact: there are a lot of things that I do like about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program – even if there are some things I can’t stand about it. So, here are some of the things I really like about Six Pack Shortcuts (in no particular order). OK, now that we’ve covered some of the things I like about Six Pack Shortcuts, let’s talk about a few of the things I don’t like. Six Pack Shortcuts does have many good qualities, but it’s certainly not a perfect program and has a bunch of shortcomings. In the end, I think the title is a play on words because the fastest way to get a six pack is to make all of the necessary lifestyle changes and then be patient as you burn fat and build the necessary abdominal muscle definition. Suffice to say, it is beyond obvious to me that the people at Mike Chang Fitness will say and do anything to get you to buy Six Pack Shortcuts. So, I would advise you to take everything that is contained in the Six Pack Shortcuts sales and marketing literature with a grain of salt. John’s Advice: If you do buy Six Pack Shortcuts, do yourself a favor and learn how to perform the actual exercises from other resources. Much of the information you will find inside of Six Pack Shortcuts can also be found for free online. Now, before we finish up the cons section, I don’t want it to go unmentioned that Mike and his associate Dan tend to hate on low-moderate intensity cardio a lot in Six Pack Shortcuts, but I won’t hold it against them.

1) Fat Loss – Six Pack Shortcuts is first and foremost a fat loss program designed to help you burn the last stubborn pounds of bodyfat to uncover and reveal your abs.
4) Six Pack Abs – Yes, this program can and should be used to help you get six pack abs, whether male or female. A Note For Women Who Might Want To Buy Six Pack Shortcuts: Naturally, this program was created for guys, but it’s true that gals can also use it – and will experience much the same results if you account for gender differences.
A lot of products in the world of fitness, weight loss, and six pack abs are really vague and elusive regarding who they are meant for. Now, I’ve come to my own conclusions on this matter and have found that they seem to coincide with the overall marketing messages that Six Pack Shortcuts espouses. Now, depending on who you are, Six Pack Shortcuts could be an awesome program that you learn to love or an awful program that you learn to loathe. So, that said, if you apply yourself and stick with Six Pack Shortcuts for the full 12 weeks, then you will definitely see excellent results from using it. The fact of the matter is that if you like Mike Chang’s Youtube videos, then you’ll probably love his Six Pack Shortcuts program.
If you want a good program to help you burn fat, build lean muscle, reveal your six pack abs, then go and check out Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program right now.
Note: this Six Pack Shortcuts review reflects product research and testing done during the dates of September 2012 to March 2013. Just to say I very much appreciated your review of Mike Chang’s Six-Pack Shortcuts Program. If Six Pack Shortcuts is right for you and your needs, goals, and circumstances, then I’d probably rate it at 4 out of 5 stars. If you’re seriously considering buying the Six Pack Shortcuts program, then I would strongly urge you to spend the next few minutes scanning over my entire review prior to buying – especially before you spend money on something that will take several hours to study and much longer to put into practice.
You see, there’s a ton of misinformation, myths, and blatant lies being perpetuated in the fitness, weight loss, and abs industries and I want to do my part to get to the bottom of it. Plus, there are literally thousands of people looking for an honest, and unbiased review of Six Pack Shortcuts and they’re just not getting it – despite how much research they do online.
You’ll probably also notice the large bold buttons and links to BUY SIX PACK SHORTCUTS NOW!!! And secondly, this website will help you decide if Six Pack Shortcuts is right for you – your needs, goals, unique situation, and circumstances. Put simply, we look at things very differently when it comes to training, fat loss, body transformation, and getting six pack abs, among other things.
Truth be told, if I applied my health-first fitness philosophy to this review – among other things – Six Pack Shortcuts wouldn’t score nearly as well.
What we do know is that Six Pack Shortcuts involves a special combination of weight training workouts and high-intensity bodyweight-cardio workouts that will supposedly deliver maximum results with minimum time and effort.
There are definitely some questionable business practices taking place, and it’s important to get a heads up about these before you buy Six Pack Shortcuts – more on that later.
In the Six Pack Shortcuts sales video, much is said about what Mike calls The Afterburn Effect. If you don’t have to make any exercise substitutions, then there is not a lot of guesswork involved with Six Pack Shortcuts, and you can get started immediately. But first, here’s a little story about my experience with the Six Pack Shortcuts Customer Service Department.
So, I called the 800 number that Six Pack Shortcuts provides for customer service and someone picked up after four rings.
If there’s one thing that’s true about getting a six pack, it’s that there are no shortcuts – ZERO! There are plenty of great exercise tutorials that are available for free online that will serve you much better than what is contained in Six Pack Shortcuts. But of course, all of the other various benefits of exercise will also come along with using Six Pack Shortcuts: higher energy levels, increased bone mineral density, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol numbers, improved cardiac and respiratory function, stronger metabolism, etc. For instance, if you’re a gal, older than 40, or need to lose more than 30 lbs, then you will still absolutely benefit from following this program. This way, the people who are looking for an honest review of Six Pack Shortcuts will be able to find it a little easier and all my hard work won’t be for nothing. If you liked this post, and you’d like to learn more about fitness, fat loss, strength training and getting six pack abs, then feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates and other interesting info. I have low body fat and do have six pack, but I want to build some more muscle, lean muscle, without getting fatter. So, when it comes down to it, who you are is more important than what Six Pack Shortcuts is.

If you’re going to invest not just your money, but also your time, trust, and energy into this program, then you need to be sure of what you’re getting BEFORE you buy Six Pack Shortcuts. So, needless to say, it’s taken me some time to work through most of the Six Pack Shortcuts material – and I’m now 6 months into that review process.
That said, it’s beyond obvious that some of these shady marketers are trying to make a bit of cash off of what you probably don’t know about Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts program. You see, the very nature of the Six Pack Shortcuts program is that it will require a lot of time and energy to implement it and see any results.
On the contrary, I would only recommend you buy Six Pack Shortcuts if you want to follow the training program, first and foremost. Now, I’m not going to draw any absolute conclusions mainly because I think this is a gray area, and I just don’t know the guy. Based on my analysis of his marketing messages, this company will say and do almost anything to make a sale, and based on anecdotal reports – they’re raking in millions off of the Six Pack Shortcuts brand. My point being that you should NOT buy Six Pack Shortcuts solely for the Exercise Tutorials and How-To Videos.
Just keep in mind that you may not necessarily be the exact type of person Six Pack Shortcuts was created for. He’s just an average guy who figured out a workout system that works for him and wants to share it with others, and I think this is a major part of the appeal of Six Pack Shortcuts.
Now, this is an unofficial tally based on notes I scribbled on several sheets of paper, but I estimated that Six Pack Shortcuts includes about 14 hours of total video footage to work through. And having looked through most of the Six Pack Shortcuts product myself, it’s now apparent to me how many of these affiliates have not even previewed the actual product themselves. And based on my initial research, it appears that a lot of six pack seekers are being duped by some of these lousy marketing messages – and some of Six Pack Shortcut’s questionable marketing strategies aren’t helping the situation either.
Mike even tells you in one of the intro videos that this Six Pack Shortcuts is NOT a diet program, but a workout and lifestyle program. That said, when you actually get into the download area and see the product itself, you quickly realize that there are no shortcuts in this program. I almost included this point in a whole other section of its own, but when I realized that I could write a whole series about why the Six Pack Shortcuts sales and marketing tactics are downright outrageous, I decided to condense it down to this one bullet point.
Hopefully, the rest of this Six Pack Shortcuts review and website will be able to help you determine if it’s right for you. But that said, Six Pack Shortcuts is a good program that, if followed with a good effort, will help you to burn fat, build muscle, and yes, even get six pack abs. In the SPS intro videos, Mike tells you that you’ll have to work hard to succeed in getting six pack abs. To be fair, though, it is excessively over-hyped in the Six Pack Shortcuts marketing and sales messages.
So, the reason you would buy Six Pack Shortcuts is if you want a step-by-step SYSTEM for getting six pack abs that you can follow each day – and want all of the information in one convenient, user-friendly place. Everything works for a little while, and Six Pack Shortcuts is no different than any other good workout program in that regard.
Plus, I really think he wants to help people change their lives by delivering a blueprint for getting six pack abs. Regardless, after reading through this comprehensive Six Pack Shortcuts review, you’ll know for sure whether or not this program is right for you. Furthermore, Six Pack Shortcuts was created based on his own experience and the challenges he faced with training and nutrition (as he discusses in the intro videos).
Demand the proof, and be willing to ask for your money back if Six Pack Shortcuts isn’t what you thought it was or isn’t really what you were looking for (they offer a full refund within 60 days of purchase). So, unless you’re an absolute conditioning beast with Olympic-level fitness, you will probably be pretty sore the next day (especially if you’re just starting a new fitness program for the first time in awhile). But it’s a great marketing angle and good selling point, which is why it’s featured in Six Pack Shortcuts. And if you’re ok with sacrificing a little comfort for six pack abs, then all the power to you.
There’s a bit more than meets the eye going on when you follow Six Pack Shortcuts to the tee.
Keep in mind that the vast majority of workout programs in existence today are at least somewhat based on bro-science, but Six Pack Shortcuts takes it to a whole new level.

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