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6 pack abs bag, how much cardio to lose body fat - PDF Review

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Everyone who has ever walked into a grocery store has seen those muscle and fitness magazines with the athletes who have outrageously chiseled six pack abs. The folks at 6 Pack Fitness were kind enough to send out a review sample of their Innovator 300.
The Innovator 300 comes with 2 Gel Packs to keep things cold and they fit conveniently in their own pouches. The middle section of the bag has 2 zippered entry points and depending on your needs, you have options.

The bag has a fully insulated interior and is rated to keep meals fresh and cold for 8+ hours. Now everyone can can sport a 6 pack by checking out 6 Pack Fitness and their cool line of travel gear, bags and luggage. We were a little skeptical at first, I mean really, there are so many coolers and fitness type bags, so why was this one so special.
Well, like many times before, first impression count and our first impression after receiving the Innovator 300, was WOW, this is some bag.

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