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6 meals a day plan, top fitness models on instagram - Review

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You’ve probably heard the advice that eating small meals throughout the day is how you win the battle of the bulge. While eating many meals may not rev up your metabolism or make you burn fat, experts say it could help you in other ways. The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get, and then you’re more likely to overeat.
People who regularly eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who skip their morning meal.

If you start off your day with breakfast, and then continue eating every 3 to 4 hours, you’ll provide your body and brain with a steady stream of nutrients so you don’t go overboard at mealtime. Whether you’re grazing throughout the day or having the standard three meals, getting the most nutrient bang for your calorie buck is key. If you have trouble controlling portion sizes, or you don’t have time to prep healthy snacks, you may be better off with the old three-meal-a-day plan.
They may even be more likely to resist food cravings and make better food choices, especially when protein is part of the meal.

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