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5-minute fat-blasting body weight workout, songs to workout to 2014 - For You

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From finally making that doctor's appointment to meditating, there are many positive things you can do for your body in less than five minutes.
You can grab a pair of two to five pound weights, or none, you don't need them, but you can add them for some resistance. It's only 10 minutes, works your entire body, and doesn't require any props — although you can add light hand weights to some of the moves to increase the burn.

You get your entire body to sink down onto the floor and you're pushing through that full range of motion. This quick workout will get your heart rate up to burn calories while strengthening your legs, arms, abs, and butt. So today, we're bringing it back to the basics to build a solid foundation of strength for your body.

So you're getting bigger stretch through the chest, shoulders, lower body, so those calves, those feet, getting warm, building a solid foundation from the ground up.

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