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20 minute treadmill routine, dumbbell curl weight - Plans Download

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Since running or walking on the treadmill can be quite boring at times, I love tackling treadmill workouts that vary speeds and inclines to hold my interest and give me a great workout at the same time. 20 Minute Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Workout: With 10 minutes of speedy intervals, this workout flies by but packs a serious punch. 25 Minute Interval Incline Workout: Changing speeds and inclines hold your interest and fight treadmill boredom. 30 Minute Feelin’ Lady Treadmill Workout: Dubbed the “Feelin’ Lazy” workout because it eases into the running portion of the workout.
30 Minute Treadmill Countdown Workout: This workout incorporates 10 minutes of incline walking with bursts of fast running. 30 Minute Incline Walking Workout with a Sneaky 5 Minute Run: A sneak-attack 5-minute run breaks up the incline walking in this workout.
30 Minute Intense Incline Treadmill Workout: One of the hardest treadmill workouts I’ve ever posted!

30 Minute Treadmill Interval Walking + Sprinting Workout: Alternating sprinting with walking makes this workout fly by.
40 Minute Lazy Girl Workout: The pace of this workout picks up gradually, perfect for days when you’re not really in the mood to workout.
45 Minute “Make Your Face Sweat” Workout: You can’t escape the face sweat when you tackle this workout!
50 Minute Treadmill Workout: Work your way up to faster speeds coupled with fast walking breaks.
After my time on the treadmill, I had to train a client, so I grabbed one of my no bake granola bars and a handful of almonds to tide me over until I had time for breakfast.
You may notice that the speeds I used in this routine are pretty speedy; I wanted something that was going to push me juuuuust to that level of uncomfortable, without overdoing it. The routine is set up in another pyramid format, starting with a quick warm-up, fast interval bursts going from 30-45-60-90 seconds, and then back down the pyramid again, with 1-minute recovery times in between.

20 minutes was the max that I wanted to spend on the treadmill, so I put together a quickie routine that looked something like this. You know, just in case anyone is looking for something to spice up their own routine this weekend! You should not be able to sprint at maximum ability (high intensity) for almost two minutes!
You inspired me to mix up my routine and try the xtreme total body workout and I am, well, feeling it!
Please speak with a medical professional before making any changes to your current routine.

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