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2 inches in pixels, rebecca cardon blog - Test Out

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While the resolution of a film camera depends on the quality of the lens, the resolution of a digital camera depends on the number of pixels in the CCD.
Earlier today both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters published stories saying Apple was going ahead with a 4-inch iPhone screen, but didn't provide any details as to how a 4 inch screen would be implemented.
If Apple has indeed chosen to go with a 4 inch screen, there are only so many choices they can make, compromises they can reach, and ramifications that can be handled, developers, and Apple itself. But as Georgia pointed out on the podcast earlier, that panel would also cost battery power to light it up and graphics power to push that many pixels around. While the user gets more information, unlike the vertical-only extension, splitting the extra pixels both ways means neither have enough room for an extra row or column of icons at the same pixel size.
The pixel count would be able to show more information horizontally and vertically, and it would be a Retina display and then some at 367 ppi. That's what happens when you changing so many parameters at once -- physical size, pixel count, aspect ratio -- it has both the benefits and the problems of everything else already listed above. But as we have pointed out earlier, a larger screen brings some complexities to the iOS ecosystem depending on whether Apple decides to introduce a new screen resolution for the larger screen or drop the pixel density to keep the screen resolution the same as the current iPhone. To see the entire picture of a 16:9 video from YouTube or iTunes, one has to view it in letterbox mode with 940 x 50 pixel black bars on the top and bottom of the screen when viewing in landscape.

If however, you want to make the video take up the entire screen, you have to sacrifice 640 x 89 virtual pixels on either side of the screen. The pixel density would drop to 288ppi, which would be substantially less, but would still be more than the new iPad's 264ppi display. There would be no extra pixels gained, so the amount of information that could be displayed wouldn't change, but the same amount of information would be displayed at a larger, presumably easier to consumer, easier to interact with size. Retina, however, is a function of density over distance -- the further away you hold the screen, the lower the density needed for pixels to effectively disappear.
It would fragment the iPhone platform for developers in a way Apple has resisted so far, and offer incomplete user benefits (increasing pixel count in only one direction). The resolution would increase to 1092x728 (or thereabouts), and the pixel density would remain the same. Apps that use the built-in interfaces could also add an extra vertical row of icons or list or row information, and could add extra "white" space in many cases, or vertical columns in some cases, to fill in those extra pixels.
Lazy developers or incredibly programmatic app implementations might default to it, but pixel perfect designers are going to want pixel level control over every screen size and density.
Any change needs to add horizontal pixels to significantly decrease the need for scrolling, that's the whole point of having a larger display.

Unlike the 3:2 screen however, these bars are only 7 pixels wide compared to 50 pixels thick ones before. If two CCDs have the same resolution (same number of pixels), the larger CCD will have a clearer image.
Some pixels are trimmed away to produce the same image aspect ratio as film, while others are used by data transfer circuits. And now games and anything with a highly customized, non-table based interface would have to be completely boxed, the way iPhone apps are on the higher pixel count iPad display, or stretched to fit, which would look horrible.
With that in mind how much would the longer side need to increase so the that diagonal measurement was 4 inches.
Terms like 2-megapixel (2 million pixels) and 4-megapixel (4 million pixels) are used to describe CCD sizes.

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