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16 weeks six pack abs challenge, glute ham raises benefits - For Begninners

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Making myself take weekly photos meant that I could focus on seeing my progress on a weekly basis – rather than a daily one.
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For some reason, I knew I wasn’t going to be surprised by what you were going to write this week. Also, judging by traffic spikes from my announcement post last week, my new approach to the site should be less photos, and more blogging. Patricks Day in Austin with Vic, I decided enough was enough – six pack abs were to be mine – no matter the cost!

Whether you want to lose weight or get a six pack, you need to know that it’s possible if you follow the plan. Most weeks I lost about ~5 pounds, except for week 3-4 where I an extraordinary amount of peanut butter and saw my weight loss plateau. I’d always been an athlete, and always worked out and never been able to get a six pack.
The one week I didn’t see any weight loss was a kick in the pants to stop being lazy on my diet, flip a switch in my head and really get after it. I cooked large amounts of  food a few times a week and ate the same types of meals over and over again because it was simple and effective.

After getting my butt kicked by Vic via Skype, I refocused, cleaned up my diet and finished out the rest of the weeks on a very strict diet.

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