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As I said that the two room is sharing power, will 15 amp breaker enough to run both room?
I have to take off for a few hours so I'll post this diagram showing the daisy chain method, others here can help you if this is still confusing.
Those combination devices usually have a single common screw for the power in and three separate screws for the controlled loads, so only one power connection is necessary. Ok that being the case you will just connect the single pigtail you already have to the common terminal of the combination device then just connect the switched wires as shown in the diagram.
Wiring Diagram For Ceiling Fan Light, Power Enters At Ceiling Box, Note: An electrical box as a sealed container for connecting groups of wires. Our electrical wiring directory contains diy resources for do it yourself electrical and ceiling fan electrical wiring diagram.
Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control.
However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician.

You can do that on a combination type switch either by daisy chaining from from switch to switch using the backstab holes in the back or by adding two more pigtails to the black wires and connecting those to the two switches for the light and fan. Also assuming this all worked before you added the ceiling fan you simply miswired something and the breaker tripped.
If you chose to add pigtails to the wire nut (6 wires total) it will get rather difficult to get all the blacks into one wirenut for most DIY. The black wires I show connecting the switches will not be necessary so just look at them as internal to the switching device.. Learn tips on electrical wiring when installing ceiling fans in this free home improvement video. ProfiCAD is the quickest and easiest way to create electrical documentation and schematic diagrams. Wiring arrangements for an electrical source at the switch and at the ceiling fixture are Wiring.
Any diagrams tagged ceiling box, ceiling fan, electrical Wiring Diagram For Ceiling Fan Power Enters At Ceiling Box.

Incoming power is one of the black wires connected in the wirenut that has three black wires in it.
When you install your combination switch in that single gang box you need to get incoming power to each switch. You can do that by getting two more pigtails and adding them into the wire nut with the blacks then connecting them to the other two switches along with the existing pigtail.
Or you can connect that one pigtail to a switch and then use the backstab holes to daisy chain (connect together) the other two switches to that single pigtail.

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