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Management" setting, because it forces the processor to stick at around half of the usual clock speed (533 MHz for the Athlon XP-M, and 600 Mhz in the case of the 1.3 GHz Pentium M). You can also use SpeedswitchXP to confirm your processsor supports throttling by clicking "Show system info", and then the "Power capabilities" tab. If neither of those are good enough, then help might be at hand with the SpeedswitchXP applet. Standby & Hibernate Issues in Windows XP - An article providing solutions for bugs in the Power Management settings. - Fans still running in standby mode - Further possible ideas for Dell (and maybe other) laptop users. How to build a quiet PC - A good way to reduce noise is to alter or upgrade the PC's hardware. Windows XP support is coming to an end tomorrow, so you might be looking already for a powerful security solution to defend your computer. The Chinese security engineers at Qihoo 360 Technology claim they have developed the best product on the market that can protect Windows XP machines for many hours of continuous attacks. Hackers launched attacks against Windows XP machines for a total of 13 hours, with all but one application failing victim in just a couple of minutes. Although security products will still work on Windows XP after retirement, Microsoft warns that it’s still not enough to stay completely secure, as OS vulnerabilities could still be exploited by hackers. Security Essentials, Microsoft’s very own anti-virus offered free of charge to Windows users, will no longer be available for download as of April 8, but existing installations will continue to receive virus definition updates. Windows XP will be discontinued tomorrow, so finding a security application that could protect your computer should be a priority.
Mac & Boot Camp Fan Control allows you to get detailed information about the fans that are used for cooling Macintosh devices.
The Macintosh computer owners who want to run Windows as a secondary operating system have the option to use Boot Camp to prepare the program for the OS deployment.
You can use the Fan Control utility when you need to optimize the sound or heat level of key system components.

The interface allows you to view the current temperature for important hardware components such as the hard disk drives, processor and optical drive. The program offers the option to display the temperature and fan speed in the system tray in order to keep an eye on the current status of the CPU or hard drive. If you are running Windows on your Macintosh and need to change the fan speed, Mac & Boot Camp Fan Control can be a useful tool.
Everyone who replaces HDD in most of iMac models faces the problem that HDD fan will start to spin at maximum speed after the replacement. If you don't have a mobile processor, there's also a potential solution for turning off the fan when in standby mode. But mobile processors tend to have special 'Speedstep' technology to reduce power consumption. It turns out that there is - thanks to the brilliant SpeedswitchXP applet (you'll need Windows XP though and a 'mobile' processor). Occasionally, it still kicks in when the PC is in heavy use, but thankfully, with light to moderate use (such as surfing or general OS use), it never does. Apparently, devices such as the mouse and keyboard can keep the fan going when the PC is in standby mode. Let me know if it works, or if there's any other information I should include on this site by emailing me.
Pentium-M (Banias) - Tom's Hardware illustrates how the 'Degrade' power scheme (limiting the processor's speed always to half) isn't available in Windows' standard Power Management settings unless you're using DC power (battery). This utility allows you to boot in Windows and access all the hardware in order to run apps that do not have Mac versions. It allows you to control the fan speed directly from Windows and supports the fans from iMacs or MacBook Pro devices. The program also supports third party disks by using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). However, if the values are too low, the components might overheat which might lead to system instability.

You can add it to the startup list if you need to run in the background and monitor the temperatures. This speed is about 6000-7000 RPM and the noise produced is unbearable (it happens because Apple puts special firmware in its HDDs)!
They do this by using the minimum power necessary to run the PC, and as a consequence, turn off the noisy fan. To activate this feature, select "Battery Optimized" from the SpeedswitchXP icon in the system tray. For more information, read the SSXP docs, or see this PDF file direct from the Intel website.
There's a tiny sacrifice in speed latency, compared to the "Always on" mode, but it's not very noticable. If you use Windows 2000, then I think you might be able to limit the processor without any additional software - according to the messages from this Google group.
What is more - you cannot just switch off the fan or put it rotating at MIN value (actually it's OK but for SSD), because it will cause HDD overheating.
These kind of processors are usually used in laptop PCs, and also help to preserve battery life. This solution will most likely work with the Pentium M and Athlon XP-M mobile, but may also work with the Pentium 4-M (with the "four") processor range, though I couldn't say for sure. I recommend downloading SpeedswitchXP anyway, because it enables the ability to force the processor down to a lower clock speed (see boxout).

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